On the run

Some people still use "Nokiey 3110" because I do not know how to get out the SIM card.

Little boy looking found a tape with the signature Strawberry realized how hard her grandmother gets jam.

Ethics teacher got himself on the finger with a hammer and a half hour of work became a teacher.

Yesterday, on the track "Maybach" ran into "Maybach" ... people for half an hour standing ovation!

Teacher labor after six glasses automatically become a singing teacher.

Shouting: "Nick, go home! Do not disgrace the parents! "- Ended the gay parade in Syzran.

The boy, who was collecting all childhood puzzles, hates the blue sea, the green grass and clear sky.

Traffic Inspector grayer and describe when Stephen King began to explain why speeding.

Until now, I can not forgive himself for what he did not like to sleep in the garden.

The patient already felt an improvement, but the doctors have taken control of the situation

For necrophiliac love to the grave no more than a flirtation

The desperate father called eighth daughter and gave Ibrahim in wrestling section

-Girl Who you wrinkle it yourself?
Well, what I mnu themselves - none of your business.

My neighbors are listening to good music. It does not matter whether they like it or not

You're crying?
-Yes. How did you know?
-You Mustache wet

The way to a man's heart is through the torn chest. Sun is, other assertions - vanilla heresy

Malicious May beetles attacked the boy and put him in a matchbox

It turns out that in the lighter flame smells like burnt hair from the nose

Voodoo Witch, accidentally pierced with needles bag of garbage, maimed police patrol

In the biathlon team of Germany won randomly Poland


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