Balkans 1913

1912-13 years in the history of the Balkan Peninsula are associated with the two world wars, held almost throughout its territory. In the network, we stumbled upon a collection of color photographs of the time. We would like to share.

Not the least role in the two Balkan wars of the Russian Empire played. It was on the initiative of Russia was established a Balkan union that Russia planned to use as a buffer to withstand the Austro-Hungarian Empire. But the plans were redrawn and the Balkan states engaged in the redistribution of territory, as well as a new state - Albania, who managed to get out from under the yoke of Turkey. During this period there was a significant redistribution of the last most areas, in particular between Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia and Greece. Naturally, the permanent state of war, could not but affect the well-being of civilians balkantsev.


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