Solyanka meat

 - Beef Shank with bone - 600 g
 - Onion (100g) - 3 pcs.
 - Carrots - 100 g
 - Celery stalk - 50 g
 - Black pepper peas - 5 pcs.
 - Bay leaf - 2 pcs.
 - Vegetable Oil - 20 ml
 - Pickles - 300g
 - Tomato puree - 200g
 - Baked ham w / c - 200 g
 - Leg w / c - 200 g
 - Cooked sausage - 200 g
 - Smoked sausage - 50 g
 - Capers - 30 g
 - Olives with pits - 50 g
 - Lemons - 1 pc.
 - Parsley - 20g


1. Rinse the meat in cold water, put in a large pot, pour 2, 5-3 liters of cold water and put on a big fire. When will begin to appear on the surface of the foam, reduce heat to boiling broth barely, and remove it until it does not cease to be formed.
2. After half an hour from the beginning of cooking, place the onion, carrot, celery, pepper and bay leaf. Boil for 30-40 minutes, until the vegetables are tender, then remove and discard them. When the meat is ready (cooking time depends on the quality of meat), remove it from the broth, separate from the bones, cut into slices about 1, 5-2 cm, and return to broth.
3. While the soup is cooked, slice the onion into half rings and sauté it in a little oil until transparent.
4. Pickles cut into small pieces. If they stayed on the pickle (not pickle!), Do not pour out, it can be used for soups later. Add the cucumber to the onions, stir and cook over medium heat for about 15 minutes.
5. Add the tomato puree or simply peeled chopped ripe tomatoes, cook for 10 minutes over medium heat, stirring occasionally.
6. What happened in the end, is called "Brez" - a special dressing for soups. It can be prepared in advance and stored, if necessary, in a closed container in refrigerator. Now add the broth Brez.
7. sausages and other meat cut into small cubes and drop into the soup, continuing to cook on low heat.
8. Add the broth capers (1-2 tablespoons) and olives. Try to salt, season with salt if necessary. You can also add a bit of cucumber brine.
9. Give the finished bag of brew at least half an hour, cover the pan with a lid.
10. Serve hot hodgepodge, a plate, place a slice of lemon and chopped fresh parsley.


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