The Russian national team won the Paralympics

The Russian national team ahead of secured victory in the medal standings of the Paralympic Games in Sochi. This became clear at the end of March 14, when the Russian Paralympic athletes won seven gold medals. Total Russian team has won 25 awards the highest dignity.

On Friday, champions Paralympic biathletes became Roman Petushkov, Svetlana Konovalova, Julia Budaleeva Nicholas Poluhin, skiers Alexander Frantseva Valery Redkozubov and Alexei Bugaev.

For opponents the Russian team became inaccessible after the won
24th gold. Paralympics 2014 will end on March 16.

Four years ago at the Paralympic Games in Vancouver, the Russian national team of Russia took second place, winning 12 gold medals. The first began when the Germans won 13 awards the highest dignity.




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