Cameras that surprise

For the second century invention of the Lumiere brothers evolves into new bizarre forms, getting unusual features and surprising an unexpected result. The most intricate and interesting examples of cameras - Photo and video - in our collection.

Focus after shooting

Lytro - is a compact and at the same time unique in its characteristics camera. Her feature - the ability to adjust the focus even after the image is captured. This is the first large-scale camera, created on the basis of the light field capture technology. Lytro is equipped with an 8x optical zoom, and the management and viewing of images via the 1, 5-inch LCD screen. In addition, the latest version of the camera is able to make 3D-pictures. Examples of photos taken Lytro:

Car camera without a car

DVR, which can and should be used not only in the car - it Highscreen Black Box Outdoor. This device instantly turns into an action-camera due to the removable LCD display and a set of brackets (on the steering wheel bicycle for a flat surface on the helmet). Plus recorder can shoot under water to a depth of 5 meters. Black Box Outdoor equipped with secure housing, so that moisture, snow and other weather troubles this camera is not terrible.

On the device to install the car is also very easy - even for a toy.

In any case, the quality of recording Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) at 30 K / s provided, and thanks to modern processor Ambarella A2S60 and matrix from Aptina - and at night.

Mask or the camera?

Another option for underwater -Liquid Image Explorer. Here the camera is mounted directly to the mask for snorkeling, so that the hand immersion will be absolutely free. The viewing angle is 74 degrees, which is enough to capture the entire object. Special notes on the glass mask allows you to select the angle. Despite the apparent unreliability of such design pictures this camera to teach excellent quality.

Photo Transformer

What if the camera can be made more or less - according to how far it will bear? Aspekt camera can be decomposed into components, and fit in a compact bag. Previously, members were content with interchangeable lenses or flashes, and now you can make out the whole body. Basis Aspekt - 24-megapixel CMOS-matrix and body with several optional control buttons. The rest depends on the desires and needs of the photographer. Each new module brings new lenses that transform a wide-angle portrait lens, etc.

Director himself

Compact camera Canon LEGRIA mini - for those who loves to be himself in the frame. Do not have to ask somebody to hold the camera or carry a heavy tripod. LEGRIA with support for Wi-Fi combines the capabilities of Wide-Angle lens, LCD display with variable angle and built-in stand. The viewing angle of the camera - 160 degrees with Full HD and 170 degrees (diagonal) when taking pictures. A folding screen to shoot himself, opening the display forward, or to record from ground level, leaving it closed.

And LEGRIA convenient to use as a handheld mirror. However, why do it standing in front of a normal mirror - a question to the authors of posters Canon.

Online monitoring

Camera size of a matchbox - Highscreen Black Box Connect. Everything else is also a car DVR, and CCTV. In addition to the car holder this miniature device is equipped with a magnetic fastening and lace to wear around the neck.

But the main feature Black Box Connect - the possibility of online broadcast video over wireless networks Wi-Fi directly to your smartphone or tablet. Gadgets will be able to not only watch, but also to control the registrar through a special program Unieye. However, this feature is only available at a distance of up to 50 meters - for example, if necessary, to look after the child in the child, staying in the kitchen. And if the surveillance should be left on a trip to the sea, you can use the cloud service UStream: logger can upload videos to the Internet, so the user can observe the abandoned apartment even with the opposite end of the world.

How far was not the owner of the registrar, he can always examine in detail how his neighbor fills cacti and overfeed domestic animals. Example shooting Highscreen Black Box Connect can be found here.

I wonder what else will come up with the developers in the pursuit of perfection videos and photos? Maybe soon we will be able not only to see the image, but also personally feel it - came up, the Japanese how to pass at a distance of a kiss!


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