On the run

To all my errors have an excuse: I have been living here for the first time.

Once 11 tricky, but do not know how to play football young people have come up with as much as possible every 4 years in summer free travel to Europe ..

The boy took out the neighbors playing the violin at 5 hours, 7 days a week, and the doctor removed the violin from the boy's ass is just 5 minutes. Where is the justice, ask the neighbors.

At the word "school" - only 15% think of the doorway, and only 5% of the fish.

In this world it becomes dangerous to live. I was bitten by the dog chinchilla. Hunting dogs

Call a friend.
I: Hello. Can speak?
He: Well, three years ...

xxx: On the Internet all mighty. And you would be able to repeat it all, looking me in the face?
yyy: Easy! Sends photos.

5-year-old girl playing hopscotch, stone got into the Bentley and realized that grew up and got to go to work.


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