Huge abandoned relay

The author said, and made a photo report on the abandoned Giant repeater located near White Rock in the central part of the Crimea and offered his version of his appointment.

This huge metal grate can be seen from afar and from all sides. It is located on the slope of a rocky ridge that goes to the White Rock.

According to one version - a passive repeater to amplify or reflections rocket coastal radar, on the other - it is a part of the system to create a radar interference, on the third - a repeater (or reflector) was created to test top-secret guided missile complex "air-sea" system " Comet". But a clear answer, what kind of design is and what it is, I have not found ...

The design is set in a southerly direction. The grille is completely inactive. Locals say that the appointment of military construction, but for what it is, to say difficult. The Internet is often the assumption showed the involvement of the transponder (or reflector) to test top-secret guided missile complex "air-sea" system "Comet". Rockets of this system is a reactive type of aircraft guided missiles that were dropped from an aircraft carrier, and then controlled using the radar to hit the target. The suggestion of the involvement of the construction of the White Rock in the project based on the fact that the missiles with the aircraft carrier dropped just in this area, so the design and could be part of the guidance system.

The aircraft carrier with two suspended under the wings of the aircraft type rockets in flight over the sea with the help of the onboard radar detects at long range enemy ship. Then, the search radar switches to full tracking and aircraft carrier deployed in the direction of the target and sent to her. At a distance of 70-130 km to the attacked ship missile is uncoupled and inserted into the beam radar carrier. Receiving device for the projectile receives radar signal and generates control signals to the missile autopilot, maintaining the flight station carrier beam (equisignal by area). At a distance of 20-30 km projectile enters the semi-active homing signals station installed in its nose, then hit the target.

Type of construction behind. Three reliance on concrete foundations hold "frame" a height of about 20 meters (to the eye)

In the upper third of the cell structure located inside the metal mesh

Vertical support and attachment points

Central Front

On the design traces repeated painting. In general, it is worth noting that unlike many disused military facilities in the Crimea, it is in pretty good condition. I can assume that the transponder (or reflector) is not abandoned and used by the military for its intended purpose. It is relatively close, at the site Chauda, ​​often hold large-scale military exercises

The upper part of the repeater

The upper part supports

Since the repeater looks from White Rock



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