Helicopter rides

I'm sure many of us would like a little fly in a helicopter, sit beside the pilot, enjoy smooth flight and admire the beauty of Moscow and its environs with a bird's-eye view. The author of this photo galleries succeeded.

The author writes: For a long time I did not lick coupon sites on the opportunity to fly in a helicopter ... And this year at your DR still bought a coupon for a helicopter ride ... I got to trump the front seat next to the pilot and a chic ... Scary review was never helicopter gently jumped up and a few seconds later we were already hanging in the air and slowly rose. Fly over Krasnogorsky, Strogino Pavshinskoy floodplain, flew to Moscow, looked at the elite settlements, funky admire views of the reservoir ... so sorry that the flight lasted only 15 minutes ... I propose to further enjoy views of Moscow and the zamkadya helicopters and fall in love, falling in love with them I ...

Source: moya-moskva.livejournal.com


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