Gefilte fish


Fish - carp medium-sized one and a half kilograms in weight. It is important to clean it in a special way, so if the fishmonger to do so can not let just clean off the scales and pulled out the insides.
Matza - 3 plates.
Onions - 5 bulbs with husks.
Garlic - 4 cloves
Eggs - 3 pcs.
Carrots - 3 pcs.
Beetroot - 1 medium-sized beets
Salt and pepper - to taste
Pepper - 5-7 peas
Black round pepper - 5-7 peas
Bay leaf - 4-5 leaves
Vegetable oil

Method of preparation:

• First and foremost, should be properly cleaned fish.
• To separate the flesh from the skin without cutting off his head. To do this, first, not breaking through the skin, cut the ridge in two places, with the head and near the tail. • Then an incision in the flesh in the place where the end edges, and carefully, slowly, fingers to separate the meat from fish skins, slower is better not to make a hole in the skin. Gefilte fish, by the way, the next day, only tastier. You can prepare meals in advance.
• Separate the meat from the bones. Bones are not thrown away, we need them.
• With a bow to remove the husks and rinse it we need.
• Chop 2 onions. • Fry. • set aside.
• In a meat grinder twist matzah and set aside. We start with matzo - because more dry grinder.
• In a meat grinder twist fish meat (some prefer to chop, for manta rays) and 2 bulbs.
• Take the egg yolk and white divide. • Add the yolk in the resulting mixture. • Stir. • Whisk whites until thick foam.
• Pour the mixture into the foam. • Add half of the fried onions and stir.
• Pour matzah crumbs. • Pour a few tablespoons of vegetable oil. • Add salt, pepper (simple, no peas) and vegetable oil. • Stir. • Pour a quarter cup of water. • Stir.
• In a separate pot to pour water. There we will dip his hands. • Small portions of the mixture gradually stuffed carcass of fish. Do not pour water!
• Pour in the oil soteynitsu. • The fourth onion cut into circles and lined the bottom of the pan. • Clean raw beets, cut into circles and put them bottom of the pan over the bow. • Cut carrot slices and lay them on top of beets. •
• Add half of the onion peels, it will give us the right color and add flavor. Put to the same bones from fish. • Put on top of stuffed carcasses, add to the same water in which we dipped hands with stuffing.
• Distribute Rybin second half fried onions. • Sprinkle with sweet peas and English pepper. • Put the remaining onion peel. • Add four cloves of garlic and put in soteynitsu bay leaf. • Fill with cold water so that the water covers the vegetables and a little concerned themselves carcasses.
• Cover (leaking), bring to boil, to make a small fire and "forget" about the fish for two hours.
• Carefully shift finished carcass on a plate, garnish with vegetables. Serve with horseradish.


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