How they lived and what our ancestors ate

Let us recall how our ancestors lived, what to eat and what to wear.
If someone thinks that life was sweet while, something very wrong.

Prior to this, a simple Russian peasant life was very different.
Usually the person was living up to 40-45 years and died an old man. A grown man with a family and children, he was considered in 14-15 years, and it even earlier. Get married not for love, wooing the bride's son went to his father.

Time for leisure activities people did not have at all. In the summer time, everything takes work in the winter firewood and homework for the manufacture of tools and household utensils, hunting.

Let's look at the Russian village of the 10th century, which, however, differs little from the village as the 5th century and 17th century ...

In the historical and cultural complex "Lubytino" We were under the rally dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the group of companies "Autoworld". He was not in vain is called "Single storey Russia" - see how our ancestors lived, it was very interesting and informative.
In Lubytino on the place of residence of the ancient Slavs, among mounds and graves real village recreated 10th century, with all the outbuildings and the necessary utensils.

We begin with the common Slavic hut. Cabin rubles of logs and covered with birch bark and turf. In some regions, such as the roof huts were covering with straw and wood chips somewhere. Surprisingly, the service life of such a roof is only slightly less than the life of the entire house, 25-30 years, and the house served as age 40. Given the time of life at that time, the house is just on human life and missing.

By the way, in front of the house covered platform - these are the canopy of a song about the "new canopy, maple».

Fired hut on black, that is, the chimney stove does not have smoke coming out through the small window under the roof and through the door. Normal windows either, and the door height of only about one meter. This is done in order not to let the heat out of the house.

When the furnace furnace soot deposited on the walls and roof. In the furnace of "the black" has one big advantage - in a house like no rodents and insects.

Of course, the house is on the ground without any foundation, the lower crowns simply rely on a few large stones.


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