The most famous housewife Japan

This story is about a girl the first 2000-year history of the Japanese imperial house became the wife of the Crown Prince.

Early 60s of the last century. Michiko Sёda was born in Tokyo on October 20, 1934.

In 1957 she graduated from the private women's university in Tokyo in "English Literature". In August of the same year on the tennis court met her future husband.

Apparently, the young people turned out to have much in common in their views on life, not just tennis.

In November 1958, it was announced the engagement, despite the opinion of some of the public that the bride is completely wrong circle.

That circle or not, but she began to accompany his chosen while still a bride.

And in April 1959 marriage was nevertheless concluded.

She continued to accompany her husband is now legal in all his travels.

The eldest son was born in 1960. She not only gave his nurse, and preparing food for his own. The top photo in the kitchen - just the beginning of the 60s.

She also has a son myself, in spite of all States relies on the status of her nannies and caregivers.

Which does not interfere with their relationship with her husband.

1964. The eldest son is in kindergarten.

1967. In the campaign.

Ueno Zoo in 1968. Eldest son 8 years old, the youngest - 3 years.

1972. At the rink with her husband.

1973. With her daughter, who was born in 1969.

976 a year. Music with her daughter she is also engaged itself.

Sound of the sea in a shell ...

1976. From the English girlfriend.

In 1990, she became the most high-ranking Japanese housewife.

That does not prevent her from continuing to play tennis ...

... And dance with her husband at charity balls.

According to the millennial tradition they both show an example of the support that is considered to be the foundation of life in the Japanese islands. Husband plant and harvest rice, and his wife - personally takes care of the moth caterpillars.

Own feeding caterpillars leaves.

And still accompanies her husband on all trips.

I think they have become very similar in appearance.

But tennis is still played.



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