After shaving irritation arose: how to help traditional medicines.

When dry, prone to peeling skin is not recommended to use alcohol-based, replace them with softening and moisturizing creams. To refresh oily and normal skin lotions are well suited.

Men are not recommended to lubricate the skin after shaving female moisturizing creams or oily, because they have a different level of acidity. Excess fat can clog pores, thereby producing inflammation.

With great care must be exercised in the process of shaving with the skin, prone to the appearance of pustules and pimples. In this case, it is desirable to use a bactericidal gels and shaving foam. After shaving, the skin is lubricated such creams containing aloe vera, chamomile and vitamins A and E, they will contribute to accelerate the healing of wounds and eliminate acne.

The best remedy for a fast and irritation are vitamins A and E. Vitamins are sold in vials, mixed with peach and almond oil, which can also be purchased at the pharmacy. The resulting mixture is smeared with damaged skin.

Freshly fir cones must be well rinsed in running water, and something crushed. Then pour boiling water over lumps and let stand until cool. Cloth or towel should be moistened in the infusion and apply it to the irritated skin for ten minutes.

For this procedure, you can use parsley. Infusions and soothe irritated skin tone, in addition, they have a wonderful disinfectant and healing properties.

Remove irritation after shave, and can by means of such pharmaceutical preparation as aspirin. To do this you need two aspirin crushed in a glass container and mixed with glycerin. The resulting tool is rubbed neat massage on irritated skin. Not washing, means to absorb.

Chamomile is also an excellent way to relieve skin irritation. One tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers poured a glass of boiling water and insist until cool.
From the infusion make compresses for irritated skin. Chamomile eliminate infection smooth out and soften the skin.

An effective way to add a shaving cream hydrocortisone (ointment). It means pretty quickly relieves itching, burning and redness. But often it is not recommended to apply this ointment, as it can lead to thinning of the skin.


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