Coffee grows on trees, the height of which can be up to 30 feet (a little more than 9 m.). The man decided that it is more convenient to gather the fruit of coffee trees with a height of about 10 feet (3 m.), And made the necessary adjustments to the natural process.

One coffee tree yields less than a pound of grain per year, and live 60-70 years.

70% of coffee drinkers drink "Arabica" having soft and fragrant taste, the remaining 30% - "robusta", this sort of taste more bitter, and caffeine in it 50% more. "Robusta" is considered to be low-grade class, but with the tree yielding fruit, these are more resistant to disease and drought, can harvest twice. In "Arabica" contains 1% caffeine in the "Robusta" - 2%. Manufacturers often mix instant coffee "Robusta" with "Arabica┬╗.

The term "American" appeared during the Second World War. Brave American soldiers could not drink strong coffee and asked the European dilute it with water.

In "espresso" caffeine behind coffee from "drop" method. In the method of the matter. "Espresso" is prepared very quickly by passing water through the ground grain under strong pressure. Less water contact and coffee - less caffeine, but what a taste!

Green (ie unroasted) coffee beans can be stored for a year in a cool, dry place and do not lose their flavor. Once browned grain, their taste properties begin to fade after about 48 hours.

In 1675, King Charles II of England closed all the local "kofehauzy" because he thought coffee muster citizens opposed to it. His example was followed later monarchs of different countries and more than once. The trend, however.

Most coffee drink in ... Finland. There per adult accounts for 5 cups of coffee a day. It is strange that this place does not share with the Finns Estonia ...

In most countries where coffee grows, it is still harvested by hand. An experienced collector coffee per day can collect about 7 baskets of coffee beans, each basket weighs 50-100 kg. Paid such work - from $ 2 to $ 10 per basket. After the grain will dry and fires price will increase to $ 110 per basket.

October 1 - the official "Day of Coffee" in Japan, which for the consumption of the drink takes a solid third position in the world.


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