Police above the law

As a result, attempts to make a U-turn across the double solid line on the red star prospect in a busy time of day June 15 accident occurred. So to say "author" was an employee of the Interior Ministry, the victims - the driver Honda Civic and Mitsubishi Pajero. During a banned maneuver Toyota Corolla and Honda have faced the intruder, Civic lost control, solknulsya with parked in the right lane and SUV together with him plowed yet twenty yards, passing shot down the tree. Fortunately, strapped Honda driver escaped with bruises and cuts.
And now - the reaction of the offender. Declined to comment.
On the eve of June 14, on the street Kirovograd was less spectacular, but it is a massive number of participants accident. And also with the direct participation of our valiant police. Brave guys at ŠKODA Octavia committed unmotivated emergency braking, resulting in three riding behind them cars - Volkswagen Transporter, Daewoo Nexia and Peugeot 206 series entered the bottoms ahead following cars. After which the defenders of order cheerfully rushed from the scene.
That is, detail that surface. And which is known to many, but not particularly apply. Because the meaning of something special there. The lawyers we are above the law.


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