Inventions that changed the mobile phone industry

On the international science fair in Phoenix, Arizona, a high school student from California
Isha Hare (Eesha Khare) presented his invention to help people forget
the long hours waiting fully charged mobile phone.


The project to create energy storage, which will be fully charged within 20-30 seconds, brought her 18-year-old author of 50 000 dollars. Such substantial prize Isha Hare (Eesha Khare) received in the international science fair in Phoenix, Arizona, where he presented his invention.


Created it quick charger itself is a high school student called supercapacitor, which can as quickly as possible to gain high energy charge and keep it for a long time. In this case, the device itself is not gigantic size, rather the contrary. According Isha Hare, it can withstand 10,000 charge cycles, while conventional batteries are designed for 1 000 cycles.


"The battery on my mobile phone is always discharged at the wrong time", - explained schoolgirl television channel CNN-BBC News in response to a question about what inspired her to develop in the field of energy saving technologies. Supercapacitor also allowed her to prove themselves in the field of nanochemistry, which is very interested in Ishu. "Nanodevices in all its diversity, with the actual work can be successfully employed in various spheres of life," - says the author superzaryadki.


It is worth noting that Isha used when creating your nanodevices power light-emitting diode. She sees great prospects for his invention, because it believes that it can be used as a battery in mobile phones and other portable electronic devices that are becoming more common in today's world.

"So people and their gadgets will not be eternal, depending on the proximity of electrical outlets. For a long time the device will work thanks supercapacitors without requiring additional charge "- sure high school. "It is so easy to use and flexible to use, it can be used almost anywhere, it definitely is its huge advantage over conventional batteries" - adds girl.




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