How to survive in the capital ... I met in Moscow? Read

1. In order not to fall into the hands of the police, do not visit the places where it happens.
 Do not unnecessarily take the subway, access to shops, restaurants, offices, firms and temporary detention.

2. At registration you need to stand for three days after his arrival in Moscow.
Therefore, every 3 days need at least a meter to go beyond the Moscow Ring Road and go back.
 Three days will be counted from the beginning.

3. masquerades as a local. Hang in prominent parts of your clothing pagers and mobile phones.

4. In the column "nationality" strike out "Chechen" and enter "strong business executive". Such love.

5. To pass for Moscow and not to cause unnecessary suspicion, always dressed in overalls and carry a set of carpentry tools, and 2-3 square meters of sheet glass.
 In an extreme case, come and trash.

6. podyschu yourself some pleasant Muscovite with an apartment and set up two of her three children with obligatory note in your passport.
This technique often helps.

7. At a meeting with the police try to be like someone famous Muscovites, for example, Zhirinovsky.
All questions are answered clearly.

8. At the Moscow police arguments like "Just come and see us in Syktyvkar!" Does not usually apply.
Remember that the best defense - the attack. Check with a policeman of his own registration.
In case of refusal to accompany him to the nearest branch.

9. All the free time spent on the Red Square.
There are a lot of visitors and you do not cause much suspicion.

10. If you still have got to the police station immediately eliminate fat from your diet, sweet, smoked products and alcohol.
Those extra years of life, you are more than compensate yourself a few hours lost


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