Features keeping and breeding of cockroaches in the kitchen

1) Drill hole cross section of 10 mm in the bearing walls of the apartment and ceilings, leading to immediate neighbors
 2) If the apartment is located at the grocery store, the apertures of the need to expand up to 20 mm with the aim to have at his side always more palatable form - Coockaracha black subsp. «Appetitus» («Cockroach black appetizing" in Russian)
 3) scattered around the apartment crumb of cheese, muffins, sausage (preferably expensive than cheap, so it was nice to smell), caviar and sturgeon certainly dried
 4) Next to each piece or chips to put the pointer one-way traffic in the kitchen, on the floor where you should place the most important goodies - spilled sugar, sweets 6-8 bucks per kg, Kiev cake, custard cakes, truffles, well, that is all that never people not to eat, and throw a pity.
 5) Lubricate the tomato marmalade stairs leading to the aquarium from the walls of the kitchen
 6) Turn on lights
 7) Your Arovana in the kitchen aquarium will grow by leaps and bounds and squeak with delight.


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