Re-read kid

Some time ago I bought a book, "What you need to know about men's health" or something else. And not so long ago, going through books in search of "Dunno on the Moon", found her.
 I found and nothing else to do, he sat down to read. It should be noted that in this book there is a chapter devoted to the impotence causes and treatments.
 Since I was doing Neha, I decided to read the poor impotent.
 Idly leafing through the pages, I came across an interesting proposal. "But in fact, to know you impotent or not hard enough to squeeze the tip of your penis, and if the muscles of the anus reflex reduced, then you are not impotent. Otherwise, you should contact a doctor ».
 - Ha !, I thought, and decided to check. Launched left hand in his pants, and found the dick, fun grinning squeezed the tip (hurt by the way!).
 I am surrendering and listened to the sensations in the ass. On-pa! And anything did not happened - muscle ass, have been relaxed, and have remained!
 - Disorder, I thought, and sat back, again squeezed his cock. Reactions in the ass did not have any.

 - Neither a dick !, I thought, and decided that I was feeling cheated.
 In order to make sure that I did not impotent and muscle ass I cut, I tried to find the right hand those same muscles while squeezing the tip of the dick.
It should be noted that the sitting it was uncomfortable to do, and I got up. Picture standing cancer guy who picks his one hand in his own ass, and the second shuruet groin amused me so that I started to laugh.
 I laugh I stopped immediately when the tactile determined that muscle ass and not decreased.
 - Pizdec !, I thought, and decided to change his position. Doprygat with his pants down to the bed, I lay down on his side and began violently pulling at dick with one hand, trying to identify the other what is going on in my ass.
The ass is still nothing happens. To thinking and remembering Freud, I tried to remember which hand I masturbated in childhood.
 So without thinking, however, I have changed hands. In vain, muscle ass, as they were relaxed, as such, and left.
 - Just a complete fucking fuck !!!, I thought, and realized that I was still impotent. It should be noted that in this case, I reflexively went nervously clenching his penis, which could not withstand such treatment, I decided proeregirovat.
 - Here is a complete fucking !!!, I thought, looking at his own stunned jumped member.
On the one hand, the absence of a reflex contraction of the muscles of the anus indicates that I was impotent, but on the other hand, the kind of dashing upright dick seems to be saying the opposite.

So, my friends, I am in complete disarray and neponyatkah.
Let my doubts as well?
 Do a good deed, squeeze the tip of his own dick and write here about the reaction of the muscle ass, and then I'll stay and impotent.

Sent DJvoodooMc


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