Familiar shoes

Each of us has his "fishechki" behavior. Habits that sometimes cause complacent smile, and sometimes vybeshivaet to exhaustion.
For teachers follow much more snide eye pupils and students. And they often even notice such nuances, which the bearer has no clue. And if all very clearly ...
This quiet teach at teormeh was just amazing habit when dealing not raise their eyes above the clear zone. Simply put, he always looked down, his eyelids were lowered, although he was not the Wii like never.
He read and lectures and conducted workshops, and never for an entire semester did not look up at his students.
Comes the session and the day of the "T", ie the exam in his discipline. As often happens, someone from the group completely any tooth foot on the subject. And such people, teormeh totally unaware, but energetic and enterprising, offers excellent marks - they say, come on, hand over me, and I thank. All the same pan teacher in the face nobody knows. Well, he did not look in the face. Excellence agrees. He passes the exam for themselves out, waits some pause, then again comes already with someone else's record book, take a ticket and asks to answer without preparation. Please meets full "odobryams." Buddy gets a tete-a-tete with the carrier of wisdom theory of mechanics and shoots his ticket without hesitation. Including puzzle. The teacher nods favorably throughout the response. And then quietly concludes:
You replied great. But I estimate you do not put. These shoes I've seen today.


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