Museum dedicated to the Moscow Metro

Not very big, but there is an interesting museum in Moscow subway.
It is located directly on the subway at the station "Sport", in the south lobby.
Find this room is not easy, now I'll tell you where to go.
If you become the face of the glass doors on the right will be inconspicuous door similar to the regular technical door in the subway, which usually Trespassing. But the door entry is allowed, it is a museum.

In the museum there is a small part of the way with all the elements way. With conductor rail.

With traffic lights.

There are wonderful here is such a layout of the escalator. It works.

There are models of subway trains.

This cabin metros.

Hydraulic brake.

Old turnstile.

Incidentally, he is working.

Automatic exchanges of dimes in a cut.

Control the time of the first phase of the metro.

This next-generation console.

And boards to control the movement of trains.

This is later combined with the control scheme. This is where some 70 years and up to the modern systems of control and automation.

It is now run by the movement with today's technology. On the monitor, the museum is a real situation in the branch.

The automatic braking. When banning traffic light rises here is a red lever which, when passing the composition touches the stop valve train.

There is a museum hats metrorabotnikov different subways. This cap metropolitenovtsa Paris.

Cap London Underground worker.

There is a museum collection of coins metrorabotnikov.

And the collection of the metro ticket. That Tickets 1935.

There was a period when the metro tickets were sold at the time. For example on the hour after passage.

And in the '90s were tokens. First metal and then plastic. In Peter badges are still in vogue.

Modern transport card.

Layout station "Kropotkinskaya».



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