The Moscow Ring Road

Birthday Moscow Ring has not been elucidated.
Tolley is November 22, 1960, when the movement has opened the first section of the legendary Moscow ring road - from Yaroslavl to Simferopol highway.
But the ring road became only in 1962.
Design ring road began even before the war - in 1937, in 1939 it was tied to a place, and in 1940 "Soyuzdorproekt" completed a project assignment for the construction of the Ring Road.

But then came the war, and in July 1941 the State Defense Committee decided to build a road on the simplified design - just one month! In a short time it was completed 30 km of new roads and reconstructed about a hundred kilometers Then there was an urgent need for this - it was necessary to shift troops and military equipment for the defense of Moscow and the counter-offensive.

Initially, the road did not have asphalt surface - was used filler concrete. From August 1960 to early 1984 ROW Ring served as administrative border of the city of Moscow.

Fall 1941 - at the initiative of Zhukov was decided to urgently build a ring bypass Moscow in a simplified version. To speed up the work in the ring coupling portion of already existing roads, building overpasses at the intersection of highways and railroads, water obstacles have imposed pontoon bridges. This track has become one of the main zone defense of the capital and contributed to the success of the counter-offensive operation and defeat the fascists near Moscow

Construction of roads (not counting the pre-war and wartime) began in late 1956, around the Yaroslavl highway. The first section was opened to traffic in 1960, the movement around the ring - in 1962

Photo 1960 compared with the picture Levitan "Vladimirka" 1892.

On the Ring Road

Ring at Profsoyuznaya street


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