Real signs on minibuses

- Hlopnesh door - die from the mount!

 - 10 minutes of fear and you are at home. Cost
 attraction 7 rubles.

 - Please seeds, nuts and bananas to eat with the skin.

 - Hush say - then you go!

 - "The driver was not an octopus, all at once the surrender can not give»

 - "Warn about stopping the advance and shout as if you are her 5 minutes ago passed!»

 - Attention! The machine on autopilot!

 - Citizens! Do not slam the door much, it can fall off and fall on your feet.

 - The door closes soul and not from the heart!

 - Inside the cabin on the door: & quot; Space for header & quot;

 - If you want to live - shut up!

 - Shut it as the door of his refrigerator (door inside) ...

 - He lit himself - Treat the driver.

 - Complaints to the next machine.

 - Who slams the door, that will be of benefit recipients ...

 - People go on foot !!!

 - Inscription in a minibus in Anapa "Mothers sadite at hand 5 year olds and 16 year olds are not idiots»

 - The inscription on the door "the door is not fucking."

 - The inscription on the driver's door: "machine guards bug - spidonosets»

 - The inscription on the door next to the driver: "Think if they need you here?»

 - The inscription on the rear window of the VAZ-2106 "This ass is worth the money !!!»

 - The inscription on the front door, near the front passenger seat - "Designated 90-60-90»

 - Do not slam the door - the driver scared!

 - Stop somewhere here is somewhere out there !!!

 - Stop talking loudly in advance and the driver deaf and he needs time to put the prosthesis on the brake.

 - Stops called "Tuta" and "zdesya" on route no.


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