Tips for self-improvement:

1. Sleep less.

It - one of the most important contributions you can do something to make your life more productive and decent. Most people need no more than 6 hours of sleep to maintain excellent health. Try to get up an hour early just for 21 days, and it will turn you into a strong and powerful habit. Remember that it is important not the quantity but the quality of sleep. Now imagine that you will have an additional 30 hours per month at a much more important things for you.

2. Every morning highlight for itself for one hour on what to think about issues of personal development.

Mentally and visually imagine the day ahead, listen to your music that motivates you, or read anything from classical literature. Use this period of calm to lift your spirit and revitalize productive for the coming day. Watch at least once a week for a sunrise or be in nature. A good start each day is a powerful strategy to achieve self-renewal and personal effectiveness.

3. Do not let the things that are most important to you, stay in the shade of the things which are not so important.

Every day, find time to check yourself, "Was this the best use of my time and my energy?". Time management has control of life, so manage your time as best you can.

4. You can use a piece of gum as a training tool for your mind, makes him focus only on positive thoughts and the elements of your life.

Wear rubber band on the wrist. Whenever negative or weak mind trying to infiltrate your brain itself, click on the wrist band. Due to the efforts at training your brain will associate pain with negative thinking and you will soon develop into a strong positive mental attitude.

5. Always answer the phone with enthusiasm in his voice and immediately showed his respect for the caller.

Good manners are very important. In order for the phone lines transmit your confidence rise. This will give your voice even more strength and credibility.

6. Throughout the day at any of the times we find inspiration and come brilliant ideas.

It should constantly have at hand a stack of cards of small size (you can even the size of a business card, these cards are available at any office supply store) and a pen to immediately fix the essence of enlightenment. Arriving home, write down ideas in a convenient place, such as Notepad, to read them from time to time. As Oliver Wendell Holmes remarked: "The human brain is stretched a new idea, not shrink to its former size».

7. Every Sunday evening dedicate himself and make it his constant habit.

Plan carefully your next week, presents a visual all its meetings and what you want to achieve them, read new materials and inspirational books, listening to quiet soothing music and just relax. This tradition will allow you to focus, to maintain high motivation and effectiveness throughout the next week.

8. Always remember an important rule that your quality of life is the quality of your communication.

It is important not only how you communicate with others. More importantly, how do you communicate with them. What you focus on, what you get. If you are looking for a positive result, it will be so. This is - a fundamental law of nature.

9. Focus on your goals and not on the results.

In other words, does the job for the reason that you like it, or because it's someone who can help or give useful experience. Do not do anything just for the money or for recognition. They will come by themselves. That's how the world works.

10. Every morning laugh for five minutes in front of a mirror. Steve Martin is well supplied.

Laughter triggers a variety of useful chemical reactions in our bodies that lead us into a wonderful and joyful state. Laughter also causes the body to equilibrium.


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