Habits, from which you want to refuse!

The list of bad habits is not limited to smoking and drinking. In fact, there are many more!
If you want to make your life easier and more enjoyable, now stop doing these things:
1. I hate the fact that you do not like.
2. Communicate with the people who are killing your self-esteem.
3. Think about what others will say.
4. Go with the flow and choose the path of least resistance.
5. Try to keep everything under control.
6. Keep your mind and your feelings to yourself.
7. afraid to take risks.
8. To think only of others and not about themselves.
9. Try to please everybody.
10. Forget about relatives and parents.
11. Carry out all the free time in the four walls.
12. Constantly rush.
13. condemns himself.
14. To be afraid of mistakes.
15. Talk & quot; I can not & quot; and set yourself up for failure.
16. Compare yourself with others.
17. dwell on the past.
18. Thinking about the future.
19. Complaining about life.
20. Hold a grudge.
21. Buy and keep unnecessary things.
22. Do everything yourself.
23. Trying to be perfect.
24. To shift the responsibility onto others.
25. make promises that you can not keep.
26. Think about the poor.
27. Ashamed.
28. repeats its mistakes.
29. envy.
30. frowns.


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