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The cassette, with the promising title "Wet Pussy 3", I have about a month ago bought boots and hid for a time. And yesterday a neighbor Verka theater upizdyachila, well, I think my time has come, and cultural activities. Kassetki extracted, inserted into a tape recorder, which is conveniently located on the couch and «play» button on the shake. Even before the end of the first pussy did not have time to undress, huyak - the doorbell ringing. Pause Press and reluctantly trudged into the corridor.

The door opens, get my dick to some stranger.
 - Who do you want? - I ask.
 - I love your wife, - I blurted out in one breath, preparing certain.
 - And it is not at home. - I am trying to close the door, and this bitch a foot tripped and prevents proper.
 - I know I did something to you.
 - Well, come in, - missed asshole and shut the door.
 - Where?
 - In the kitchen, I'm sorry the room is not tidy. - It is not enough to me with this asshole "pussies" look.

We go to the kitchen, looking back - does not know where to attach their ass.
 - Have a seat on the stool, - I tell. - Vodka?
 - Do not give up.
 - Are you the name, by the way?
 - Sergei. - "Whether fag, whether gay", I immediately rhyme, but was too shy to say out loud.
 - Vadik. - Vodka poured into piles, a cup of water from the tap typed and put on the table. - For acquaintance what?
 - Yeah.

They drank, washed down, he was given a mug:
 - Help yourself.
 - Thank you. I love your wife.
 - How did you meet? - For decency I ask.
 - Working together. One stayed up late with the report and ...
 - And I met - on its second pour. - You know, office romances and I do not understand. Once or twice, you can fuck a colleague of course, but to love and destroy the family ... Well, the second for the parents?
 - Yeah.

 - It is, as I understand it, too, loves you? - On the third Lew.
 - Yes of course. If not love, do we have ...
 - For the love then?
 - Yeah.

They drank the water over, and poured another cup for the fourth stopariki sunset filled.
 - Well, to me what you want, blessings, or what?
 - So, I come to talk. As we continue to live.
 - She's with you on the dick cums?
 - In terms of? - Eyes slams and blushed. - What ...
 - You know, that's how I fuck her, and so that would be finished by dick was not such.
 - How, exactly?
 - She screams course and other garbage, but really just dragged from the fingers.
 - It's like?
 - Four in a pussy and two in the ass. The only way. And those in the ass, it is better to cross. So - I crossed two fingers and showed him.
 - I do not know, I think ...
 - It is a pity the theater is gone, but it would be confirmed. Let us, whether that of the missing are women. - Yeah.

 - Four fingers, just like that. Pussy then you know Faith, is not small.
 - Vera?
 - Does anyone then.
 - Is not your wife Galya name?
 - A young man - I regret looked at the nearly empty bottle. - So you Galina Sidorova fuck?
 - Well ...
 - Ibid Russian letters on the door says, "Sidorov - 3 call Vorobeychikovy - 4". Are you not know how to count?
 - Sorry - seen upset. - Embarrassing happened.
 - Come on - I felt sorry for him even. - One for the road?
 - Yeah.

 - Now you go out and three calls is to Sidorov. Peter at now, and Galina theater with Vera. And it ... Galya loves when two fingers in the ass. Cross. - Again, I crossed my fingers and showed him.
 - And four in the pussy?
 - No, there are three. Well, all the best.
 Sergei missed the stairwell and closed the door. I do not have time to get to the room, as the bell rang three. He paused briefly at the door, listening to the rustling of the corridor Peter slippers.
 - Who do you want?
 I sat on the sofa, pressed «play» and made louder. I do not like to pry into the lives of others.

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