The best car commercials of the month


Eighty nine million five hundred seventy eight thousand seven hundred eighty one

A selection of top-10s the most notable commercials on automotive topics.

Volkswagen Collision Avoid Technology Mistakes came out this promotional video tells the story of the saboteur-the loser who because of the circumstances picked up for another job is a completely different car than necessary. Well, you see James bond knew that if he fell in love with British cars…

Volkswagen. Sudden Creative video and don't be surprised if your brand new Volkswagen will give you advice about Parking in the flower bed or not to go to the business centre…

Audi. As the saying goes, prepare sleighs in summer and usually Everything is very predictable, just a young guy guarding the beloved car, which will buy only a few years. Nothing surprising, we all do…

Nissan X-Trail. Of course is what is the perfect weekend from Nissan. Well, of course, is to rent a bike at full steam click on it on rough terrain, and at the end and jump with a parachute, but that's not all – after that you do so more comfortably behind the wheel of his 7-seater crossover.

MINI 5-Door. Plus two To the movie with more questions than answers. In the end, what happened to the Cup from the hands of an old playboy, and why came these men from the car?

Santander. Hmm... practice Looking at the video, we would place Jenson Button would think not about exhausting training, and, perhaps, about the contract with McLaren.

Kia. And the guy who? As always, it happens in real life: favorite half wants what he wants, but the husband to plow and plow to cover the installments…

Nissan Sentra. Brutal gas station by Viewing this video you have completely no longer wish to stop at a gas station. Well, isn't the idea to buy a "Tesla". But the dream ends and waking up and going to work you will sprinkle in your car for a little of ' 95.

The Renault Captur. Escape from the aquarium, Though fish in this is very similar to the octopus from the video of the Mitsubishi, but the stories are different. Fish of the Renault Captur have been unable to find a close friends.

10. Subaru Legacy. How?

And everything seems great and the car is good and dad with imagination – most importantly, the child does not want to experience, as his latest toy doesn't jump off the mountain…




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