Nostalgia for the passion for photography in the USSR

Remember your first camera, and showed how to close a bath and as happy to get a photo.
And then fled to show parents and friends your creation.

We all come from childhood and the childhood of many has been in the great country of the USSR. Let a little naive, but the most fun and memorable. The boys carried away en masse in the homes of the pioneers of simulation, and the girls went to the clubs' capable hands. " Movies, movies, books, playing guitar, pioneer all of these things as if bonded our friendship. But this life was necessary to capture. And in this case we had cameras.

We then they seemed to be the crown of creation of engineering. Surely, almost every family was then such a device. The most popular was then Change 8M, buy it in the store can be had for 15 rubles. Lunch money at school were spent, and were saved and two months 'hunger strikes' cherished getting your camera! Remember how happy when they fled to the house with a cardboard box and a sense of fulfillment dreams? Maybe, yes! Because the next day you ran to the school with a new "fotikom", "flip" friends, school and everything will fall into the lens.

Photo art books on almost was not, and the magazine "World of Photography" was only in the "House of Pioneers" on the same circle. Therefore, all almost everything needed to pass through their mistakes. How many illuminated film of tears over not get the footage we had!

We all "fotkali" on the recent findings on the street or Tasma took 65 units of sensitivity and with room 130. The flash was a luxury, and ate only from the power outlet. The price of issue of the film was from 35 kopecks to the ruble.

Parents often understand your passion for his birthday gave enlarger. The Soviet Union had a lot of models, but almost all begin with the cheapest UPA. It cost 16 rubles then 37 cents! And that's when the magic begins! When everyone went to bed, you shut the bathroom window curtain and included red lantern, it is not shining on the photo paper, and began to publish "photos».

Now going through those old photos from the past are nostalgic, and then felt the pleasure of "cool" to get black and white pictures. But to negative print photos on photo paper it was half the battle. We had to show them, watching in silhouette emerges as the developer, all becoming clearer and the contrast and realistic, and then do not "sleep" time when hooked forceps to pass it first in water, then in the fixer (fixer). Remember they believed the exposure - light negative - it means one, two, if the dark any longer. Find the right time, and to identify it on the eye it was skill! Then photos of dried glyantsevatele if the paper was Unibrom or hung like laundry on a rope, trailer with wooden clothespins. Remember these names: Birch, Boxwood?

The most popular size of the gallery was a 9 on the 12! But most of all in the bathroom, with a red light lamp, you probably were not alone, but with friends who like you were passionate about this business. And the next day in the portfolio, in black opaque envelope of paper you carry to school made by the photos! Catching admiring glances from classmates, and perhaps his first love, little girls with pigtails for a neighboring desk.

All this was, now it's retro, but then was life, with its small joys that we felt great!



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