8 ways to be creative!

1. Look around.
Try to just walk down the street, looking carefully at the surrounding reality, imagine that you can see it all the first time. Think about what it is like clouds floating above your head, or anywhere in a hurry young girl in a bright red hat with a pompom? Try to notice the details of the pots on the windows, kitten basking in the sun, unusual leaf fallen from a tree ...

2. Read.
Of course, it is better to read the literature on the desired topic but a lot of good will and reading a good, time-tested book. Who knows - maybe stumbled on another entangled plot, you can find a way out of their situation?

3. Make regular research or speaking in Russian, keep looking. Looking for information on the direction you want the subject on the Internet, in libraries, in the surrounding area. The more information you have in your head, the more likely that sooner or later the number will grow in quality and long-awaited revelation will come to you.

4. Communicate.
How can I communicate more with other people tell their ideas and thoughts to strangers (you should not, of course, to run down the street and grab any innocent bystanders but there is enough space and opportunities to talk to strangers, and do not have to talk to them weather and other standard nonsense), ask what they think on any particular issue. Sometimes only the view from the outside allows you to see what would seem to lie on the surface.

5. Relax.
Our brain needs rest, so sometimes it's better to rest an extra 15 minutes, and then continue to work in a semiconscious state than trying to finish the job, hardly knowing what is going on.

6. Try something new to change the usual route, make a new dish in a restaurant, buy new clothes, unusual style for you.
Firstly, this way you will discover a lot of interesting and unknown things. And, secondly, rebuilt their brains work with a template to search for new solutions.

7. Develop the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creativity.
How to do it? Very simply try to start to make habitual actions are not the right hand and the left for example, brushing your teeth, write, hold a spoon.

8. Be flexible.
If the idea does not occur to go do something else, apart from the creative process for some time. Try to do a few sit-ups, mash, go for a walk will improve blood circulation and brain become more productive.


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