the story of cops

The story happened c a petition before Christmas, the number 6.
There his friend - the father. The arrival of his own, then, behold ...
And this father loves to drink some wine, and not only myself, but with a particularly faithful and helps the church parishioners.
By the way, may clergymen bumazhechki for traffic police to write, say, communion, and the food at the wheel with the smell.
Actually, the story itself.

Later in the afternoon, on January 6, ending his church affairs, and already pretty sacrament, they were driving a car or a home, or somewhere else.
Behind the wheel of the priest in a cassock, with all prichandaly and close the front seat of the same.
And it happened to get in their way GAI-Schnick.
Steering famously drives so these soldiers, the second window opens and says ochumevshemu Officer: Are you ready money - caroling will !!!
Not had time to move away from the hysteria of passengers finished off himself GAI-Schnick: after a moment of silence, he said:
 - Have mercy, God, Father, just got themselves have not never kolyadnuli ... Source:


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