Travel, chirping nerves ... The hunt for ghosts: where and how?

On the part of all kinds of evil has no equal in Britain, and it is not surprising: gloomy castles and fortresses, gray blocks on a hill, an ideal place for registration of the dark forces. It is believed that in each castle kingdom inhabited by at least one ghost, so you can safely go into the first - can not go wrong.

In late October, the eve of All Saints' Day (in other words, Halloween), in the Lake District (Lake District) arranged hunting for ghosts: tourists spend the night in the castle, and at night go together in the garden, where are heard everywhere lingering, heart-rending groans. In fact, they emit a small horns, hanging from the branches of trees, but the trick works on all hundred and maintain his composure fails to anyone. To heighten the intimidation in some locks are used holographic images, so that you may encounter with a ghost face to face (eg, Hound of the Baskervilles, the Loch Ness monster or some sad prisoner dungeon). The tour ends with a candlelight dinner, after which the tourists go to sleep (it is possible to, frankly, not all).

The feeling of fear and terror even more pumped guides. They look more than eccentric: a monk in a black cassock, pale skinny young man with blue lips and vampire fangs girl with tousled hair and a bloody scar in half face.

Ticket for zkskursiyu "Halloween Horror" worth 7, 5 pounds per person.

Many haunted castles in Scotland. One of the most famous - Glamis Castle in the Scottish family estate graphs, where it grew Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon - recently deceased Queen Mother. Locals say that Glamze can meet the spirit of Lady Janet Douglas, burnt alive for witchcraft, and in the night from Saturday to Sunday intimate conversation overheard ghosts Earl of Strathmore and his friend, whom the devil doomed to eternal game of cards in a secret room (its windows seen from the courtyard, but the entrance to it is not).
Living on the Queen Mother's ghost boy walks a page, and the long dark corridors - a knight in armor clanking. According to legend, one of the rooms of the castle - Duncan-hall- inspired Shakespeare to write the scene of murder King Duncan in the tragedy "Macbeth».

Known for its ghosts and the Czech Republic. The castle of the XVII century. Sichrow that in northern Bohemia, the spirit haunting the Black lady who guards the ancient treasures (a rich collection of antique furniture and weapons), and in the castles kind Rosenberg in the south of the country from time to time there is the most famous ghost Eastern Europe - Mrs. White. Dressed in a white dress, she walks through the dark chambers, jingling a bunch of keys.

Entrance fees to the Czech castles are worth an average $ 3-4.

On the border of Transylvania and Wallachia, Bran Castle is - name of the legendary murderer of Vlad Tepes, better known as Count Dracula. The exposition of the castle no skeletons tortured subjects, nor of Torture or blood vessels. Instead of the XV century furniture, a collection of arms and armor of the famous ancient bloodsucker.

Castle tower and walls surrounding the courtyard, connected by underground passages, entangled in a maze, in which the clock stray tourists. Excursion to Bran Castle is worth 50 euros, and a week-long guided tour "In the footsteps of the Count", which includes inspection of all his estates (they are scattered all over the country) - 790 euros per person.

For visits to the castle is open every day except Monday, from 9.00 to 16.00. How to get there: the passenger bus from the city of Brasov.


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