Swelling on the face of the man reached the weight of 15 kilograms (not for the faint of heart)

Now the weight of the tumor on the face of accident has reached 15 kilograms, and it continues to grow in size ...

Disease Huang not only made him an outcast - for bullying classmates, he was forced to leave school at age 10 - but also led to the deformation of the spine and practically made it impossible to move independently.

Now the tumor completely closes both eyes of the patient, in addition, it is difficult to say, and hard of hearing.
According to doctors, a successful operation could multiply improve the quality of life of the patient.

At the same time surgery at such a late stage of the disease is very risky - in much of the tumor blood vessels, and if the bleeding can not be stopped in time, the patient may die during the operation of the blood loss.


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