30 facts about Serbia through the eyes of Russians (7 photos)

We continue to travel to different countries through the eyes of our fellow citizens


1. In Serbia, the passion for sports without exception: all rooting for someone and / or doing something. Pensioners, students (I live near the school, a feeling that most of the lessons - Training), guys, girls, women ... all for someone sick or track sports news. If you're not doing than what it causes sincere bewilderment interlocutor.

2. We have - tea, they have - coffee. Only the coffee much more in all respects. Coffee drink anywhere - at home, at work, in cafes. With a cigarette, Turkish Delight, or a stack of vinyaka (local brandy). Tea in Serbia is often perceived as something from the category of traditional medicine and find a normal tea in our understanding is not easy. By the way, the same story with buckwheat.

Coffee is usually home, Turkish or Serbian - it's the name of the same brewed in Turku ground coffee (well, maybe there are some insignificant differences). While shopping malls and cafes for tourists pushed home coffee espresso and cappuccino.

3. In Serbia, smoke a lot. More precisely, mnooogo-GO-OO-Oh! Not once have seen people not having time to finish a cigarette, immediately grab the second and podkurivayut her first.

Cigarettes - goods, which is covered by a state monopoly, so no matter where you bought the pack, its price will always be one - that in a stall, in the supermarket, in a nightclub or restaurant. Basically, it's all the same brand as the worldwide - Winston, Marlboro, and dozens of familiar names. There are local - the Drina, Classic, Best, something else.

4. A drink - not a lot. Often you can see a group of men, sipping coffee in a cafe with mineral water or soda. It happens and beer (starting at noon) or brandy (which is usually in the evening), but usually it is "to drink", not "to drink."

That, however, does not mean that there can not be properly vdarit on the liver and not know what uporotyh unconscious - this also happens, but behave quite uporotyh "socially-oriented". No one will climb to find out how he is respected around and from what part of the source.

5. Well, since we are talking about the evils of ... popular entertainment - gambling. In kladionitsah (the place where you can make a bet), which at every step, you can put on the football team (not important - Serbian, Paraguayan or team of Easter Island Cricket), and the cockroach races in, say, Indonesia or What advantage will win the presidential candidate in the upcoming elections.

6. prices. Unlike Russia, the price of the same type of product does not differ at times depending on the place of purchase. For example, a bottle of any Pepsi-Cola will cost in Belgrade supermarket, say, 50 dinars, in a stall on the other side of town 55 dinars, the store of a village in Vojvodina 48 dinars.

7. The water from the tap in Belgrade can drink absolutely calm. True.

Even in the cafe often served coffee to the water from the tap. If you are asked in surprise, "So it is that from the tap, or what?", You will also surprise the answer is "Yes, why?" Because "the water from the tap in Belgrade can drink completely calm."

8. If you want to buy in the store a bottle or two of beer, get ready for the question "Do you have a container?". The fact that the Serbian beer glass (as well as some brands of soda) bottles of 0, 5 liters are not released, and after the use of surrender, preferably in a place where you purchased the product. If you do not have an empty bottle, in some places you can not sell beer / water, and in others - to sell at a higher price tag on the shelf with respect to price, which will include the cost of glass containers.

So, going to the store for beer / water, bring your empty containers. If not, get ready for an overpayment.

9. The most popular Serbian site - Facebook. Judging by their acquaintances, advertisements on public transport and on TV, the contacts that indicate even some government organizations ... Some government agencies use their face as a page on the official website. Facebook is Serbia EVERYWHERE.

10. Warning! There is a delicate moment. If you can not feel it - it means that either the author does not speak the language sufficiently, a category considered very, very far from our mentality. Will focus on the lifestyle and values ​​- complex philosophical categories that are obeying the rules of the selected format, I'll try to fit in a few lines.


One of the main values ​​in Serbia (I will not tell you about all the Balkans), which strongly differentiates us from them is t. N. Merak - kicks, "rest" in Serbian.

Whoever you are, whatever doing, no matter what your goals in life - the main thing that has always been a time for Merak. This reduces and morning coffee, and the work, which necessarily should be a time for relaxation, and the schedule and the entire routine (if there is one). The same part I explain and abundance of cafes and kafeshechek in any town in Serbia.

Even if Serbia "stranded" in the pocket of 500 dinars and to pay both to Moscow, still the last money he can spend on beer, snacks and something else, a couple of friends to gather and relax. Because it must be Merak. Life is not to break up the loss of pulse, then to look back in amazement, "Ela ... and where life is that?".

Life - to have fun. Otherwise - nonsense.

If you are unable to convey an idea, just remember this point.

11. By the way, I think this is the Merak explains quite liberal in most public and private institutions working hours - from 8:00 to 16:00 (in practice usually to 15-30, especially on Friday).

12. In Serbia, it is difficult to determine the true age, especially for women. You look - beautiful girl and she has three children, the eldest 15 years old already. Or look - beautiful girl, but she is 14 (turns 2 years, as it turns out). Or, look at the back - a cool girl, figure, gait ... 20 years, probably thinking. Equals, look in the face, and then 40-55.

13. In Serbia, the mat not swear. It is said here. And this is no exaggeration. Spahr as a 5-year-olds, girls and old grannies godly dandelions. Why are there! I not once heard mat without cuts in the newscasts on state TV.

The fact that the mat is not separated from everyday language as with us. To a large extent it is a way to paint it emotionally. At the same time his brutal Serbian mate, perhaps, will give odds to Russian.

14. One virtual friend once remarked that the number of crazy, gaga and eccentrics in Serbia just hells. That's right.

15. On the road. If you see someone turned on the blinker, you will witness a rare phenomenon.

16. In Serbia, are very fond of all packaging. Going to the market, you can not take a package - even a small bunch of parsley you will be positioned in a separate package, and see that you have a lot of these bags can offer a package more. The supermarkets do not be surprised to see, such as canned fish packed even in cardboard boxes - each in his tin box.

17. By the way, about supermarkets: often they do not have cameras where we could leave bags of food in front of the hall. Instead, on the wall near the entrance is a row of hooks on which to hang the bag. E. All of your purchases made in other stores or at the market, you just leave the entrance.

For safety, you can not worry about - basically, do not steal%)).

18. Women can shake, shaking hands. Moreover - this is the norm. The main thing - do not forget, first reached out to the woman, said hello, and then - to the man.

19. Serbian or Serbo-Croatian, as it was called before the breakup of Yugoslavia - the language spoken in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia. What would you there either rubbed.

Yes, there are small differences - the emphasis, the meaning of some words, and even the genius of Montenegrin two new characters invented a few years ago, but in general, the difference between the Serbian and Croatian is smaller than that between the Russian and Belarusian languages.

20. Even the language - be careful in expressing emotions in public. Firstly, some swear words in our language are the same, and secondly, a lot of Serbs, especially the older generation were taught Russian, and something else remember.

21. And, here's the language - I almost forgot! In Serbia, the written language exists in two versions - in Cyrillic and latinichnom, each version with its specific character. Officially, the "only true" is considered to Cyrillic - in the state. All institutions will be in Cyrillic, laws, decrees, there is all ... But in real life latinica vse bolshe i bolshe tesnit Cyrillic. Most of the print media in Latin, more signboards in the Latin alphabet, not to mention about the Serbian segment of the Internet.

22. Belgrade - city of almost dvuhmillionnik, but it still does not have metro. But here long bus lines and sitting, for example, on the outskirts, offers direct access to the center.

23. A significant part of investment in the country (or direct income Serb families) make infusions from the Diaspora. Somewhere on this site I wrote that last year Serbia received more than $ 5 billion.

What is meant: someone's brother, someone's son or daughter working abroad - in Russia, the US or Europe. With a minimum wage of $ 1,500 (for example, Serbian construction workers, working in the Russian Far East, get $ 1,500-2,500 cc. Per month depending on qualifications and working conditions) of the money sent to family in Serbia. With a population of 7, 5 million. Receives an average of something like $ 666 per person per year (and this figure is probably not accidental!). 24. On price tags in shops and supermarkets you can often see the price, indicating the pair (Serbian analogue penny), t. E. 56, 47, or 88, 95, or 243, 19.

In fact, no one will require you to pay the penny (especially since they are both 8 years out of circulation). Just rounding up or down - depending on the mood. Here all this quite carelessly, even in large stores. A bottle of wine is, say, 378, 77 dinars, but you have only 372 dinars? Nothing, come here, and then the rest of zanesesh. Following!

For me it is still a mystery - as local accountants reduce the debit with the credit at the end of the month or quarter.

25. Funny moment - rhetorical "how are you?", The phrase provided as part of the welcome social norms in Serbian would be "where the BBC?" - "Where are you?". Probably behind this some kind of story, leaving the roots ...

26. The Serbs are very conservative in terms of food. Do not try to impress Serb dumplings, caviar, dried fish and even more so - a blank translation product. It is better to feed the this (and do not forget to pat) cat. Though he will be grateful.

27. In Serbia, there is a specific holiday Serbia - Glory. It is a religious holiday - the day of the saint, the patron saint of the family. Glory "inherited" through her husband. t. e. a girl, married, already marks a new glory of her husband's family. The glory taken to invite relatives, friends and acquaintances, often regardless of their religious views. As a rule, a mandatory item of the table to fame is biscuits and wine. Cookies has nothing to do with our biscuits in Serbia this word refers to roasted pig on a spit, or lamb, at least - the bull.

Thank sometimes falls on the fast. Then all the meat dishes often simply replaced by fish. A wine usual type, not "count". Rest assured, it will be in sufficient quantities. Part of fasting, certainly crossed himself, drink a couple of glasses of brandy. The most widespread in Serbia Glory falls on the day of St. Nicholas, John the Baptist and St. Sava Serbian.

28. If the family who had died, decided to write the so-called posmertnitsy - a small ad with a photo, name, surname, date of birth and death information in the two rows about who was deceased. These ads are published in newspapers in special sections, as well as on poles, billboards, building walls.

29. Serbia culturally divided into two parts - north of the Danube, which until the end of the First World War was under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and to the south of the Danube, a former 19th century until the middle part of the Ottoman Empire.

The influence of these two cultures is particularly noticeable in the architecture.

30. A separate issue - the church. Here you will meet teams of old ladies, guards, came to the church with only one goal - to find other parishioners hidden devils and apostates. Be prepared for temptation especially when you come to church, and then the wedding. Bridesmaids, female guests will be dressed not according to the canons. No scarves! Only miniskirts and cleavage! And the depth of the neckline and skirt length will depend on the size of the breast and leg length prihozhanki.Istochnik:


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