30 facts about Serbia through the eyes of Russians (7 photos)

We continue to travel to different countries through the eyes of our fellow citizens


1. In Serbia, the passion for sports without exception: all rooting for someone and / or doing something. Pensioners, students (I live near the school, a feeling that most of the lessons - Training), guys, girls, women ... all for someone sick or track sports news. If you're not doing than what it causes sincere bewilderment interlocutor.

2. We have - tea, they have - coffee. Only the coffee much more in all respects. Coffee drink anywhere - at home, at work, in cafes. With a cigarette, Turkish Delight, or a stack of vinyaka (local brandy). Tea in Serbia is often perceived as something from the category of traditional medicine and find a normal tea in our understanding is not easy. By the way, the same story with buckwheat.

Coffee is usually home, Turkish or Serbian - it's the name of the same brewed in Turku ground coffee (well, maybe there are some insignificant differences). While shopping malls and cafes for tourists pushed home coffee espresso and cappuccino.

3. In Serbia, smoke a lot. More precisely, mnooogo-GO-OO-Oh! Not once have seen people not having time to finish a cigarette, immediately grab the second and podkurivayut her first.

Cigarettes - goods, which is covered by a state monopoly, so no matter where you bought the pack, its price will always be one - that in a stall, in the supermarket, in a nightclub or restaurant. Basically, it's all the same brand as the worldwide - Winston, Marlboro, and dozens of familiar names. There are local - the Drina, Classic, Best, something else.

4. A drink - not a lot. Often you can see a group of men, sipping coffee in a cafe with mineral water or soda. It happens and beer (starting at noon) or brandy (which is usually in the evening), but usually it is "to drink", not "to drink."

That, however, does not mean that there can not be properly vdarit on the liver and not know what uporotyh unconscious - this also happens, but behave quite uporotyh "socially-oriented". No one will climb to find out how he is respected around and from what part of the source.


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