8 species of animals extinct for our life (9 photos)

Lonesome George died, marking the end of this existence of his subspecies. But abingdonskie Gal√°pagos tortoise - not only animals, extinct in recent times. Below is a list of 8 more irrevocably disappeared during the life of our species.

1. Baiji river dolphin 2006

It declared functionally extinct in 2006, which means that older individuals of a species could still be preserved, but new is not born.

2. The Western Black Rhinoceros, 2011

This subspecies of black rhino left the planet in the last year, was a victim of rampant poaching in their home country, Cameroon. Scientists have searched for at least one representative from the subspecies of 2006, however, after 5 years of fruitless searching, declared extinct subspecies. 3 remaining subspecies of black rhino as endangered.

3. The Caribbean monk seal 2008

Despite the fact that the monk seals live Caribbean last seen in 1952, finally extinct these animals were found only in 2008. Europeans in the 18th and 19th centuries actively monk seals slaughtered for their oil, which was used as oil for lamps and lubrication equipment. Together with the monk seal became extinct his nasal mites, insects that are able to live only in the nose of the animal.

4. Canarian black oystercatcher, 1994

These birds are not killed the destruction of their own, and their main food - clams. Commercial fishing off the coast of West Africa, has led to the fact that the birds died of starvation. Last time alive Canarian black oystercatchers seen in the 1980s. The museums of the world survived just 4 stuffed the bird.

5. Mariana mallard 2004

She lived only on the three islands of the Pacific, including Guam. Extinct due to drainage of wetlands for agriculture after World War II. The last known pair of mallards Marian died in captivity in 1981, leaving no offspring.

6. Javan tiger, 1994

Another species lost their habitat due to the proliferation of Agriculture. Javan tigers were carried out on the Indonesian island of Java. The last place they were seen alive was the highest mountain in Java. From 1984 to 1993, the year the scientists could not find any evidence of the existence of subspecies and he was found to be extinct.

7. Pyrenean Ibex 2000

Last subspecies of Pyrenean ibex was killed by accident: he was crushed by a fallen tree. Scientists took a sample of his DNA and, in 2009, tried to create a clone of the ibex. Unfortunately, the cloned calf died shortly after birth due to various congenital defects.

8. Alaotranskaya Grebe 2010

This small bird Marsh fell victim to human folly. It is found only in Lake Alaotra in Madagascar. Grebe just ate local fish, which died in the lake after settling to the new human species, animals and plants. In addition, grebes actively exterminated brakonery.Istochnik:


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