The width of the American waistline zashkalilo

example, a person with an increase of 65 inches (5 feet 5 inches) and weighs 150 pounds would have a BMI of 25 and is considered overweight. Weighing in at 180 pounds his BMI to rise to 40, and it will be classified as obese. When converted to the metric system of our indices do not quite match, probably need to somehow adjust the multiplier, but in principle it is what comes out. And we at the height 160 weight 68 kg is considered overweight, and if the weight of 82 kg - definitely fat.

In America's own weight index very seriously soldiers. All the polls, from privates to generals, held annually PC - personal control. In running and push-ups standards are not too hard, but the most dangerous - weighing. Puzatenky American colonel is impossible to imagine an army decisively gets rid of obese without discount rank and merit.

In the western states more clearly the tendency to healthy lifestyles, but among them there is a significant increase in the percentage of inhabitants who are overweight, compared with those observed 15 years ago.

An important factor is poverty: five of the poorest states in the country are among the ten most "obese" ...


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