Roads of Russia, XXI century ... (19 photos)

August 14, 2007, the road of regional significance Syktyvkar-Ukhta-Pechora, stokilometrovy area between N.Odesom and Iraёlem. Locals call this piece of road "serpentine." Rained almost continuously, the water on the road increased, ambush areas became larger. Away from Izhmy local told us that the import of the products has been delayed for a week and has accumulated more than 40 streamer bolshegruzov. Yes, driving into the serpentine understand that the road became worse.

Ural carrying beer and fell from the bridge and lying on its side. All goods are already overburdened and taken away, the driver of the Urals remained to guard the car. He has to sleep in a broken body ...

In such places it is difficult to light vehicles only, but you can always catch hold of the rope passing Kamaz / Ural

Towards the traffic is dense. We stop to talk, is the morning roadster grader leveled two of the ambush site and a large column of trucks passed. But almost all passenger cars suffer losses in these ambushes

To the question: "Well, whatever the road ahead?" Answer "OK, this time easily passed»

On obezdili one of the broken areas should fight against the marsh and taiga. Even at this obezdili alone do nothing without the winch.


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