Burned car (3 photos)

The editorial board of the magazine received a letter from the Camaro, there were these pictures.

On Monday 3 September 9-20 in me, Karl Liebknecht on 17, was previously unknown to me man. He started talking about the conflict lasting more than a year with my neighbor - Solyanik FT - chief physician of the regional hospital. During the conversation sounded different character svodyaschesya threat to the meaning of "And that would be bad." "Conversation", by the way, came forth witnesses.
Promuchavshis day moral scruples (not every day slander write) I, on Tuesday 4 September, sent by registered mail to the head of the police department Kamyanobridskiy application asking to protect me and my family from threats.
On the night of 5 September (5 September 3hours 10 minutes) to my car was set on fire and poured petrol. The result you see in the photo.
I have no doubt that the direct or indirect customer of this crime is the chief physician of the regional hospital - Solyanik FT
Given his connection, no doubt, is now on his side every effort to close the case (loss of material) or interfering with the investigation by other means.
Yesterday, letters were sent with photos and commentary in 18 Lugansk media. None of these facts are not interested. So much for the "fair, prompt and independent" journalism ...


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