The search for Madeleine: the girl in the photograph remains a mystery

Father Bushra Ahmed Benaissa sympathizes with Madeleine's parents and says that "every family would have been heartbroken if lost child." He only hoped that the Briton will be found. Considering the photo that caused a fuss, Benaissa said that he understood why his daughter was confused with Madeleine

The fact is that in the north of Morocco, the Berbers live, and their children are often born blonde. Shag Madeleine and Bushra are virtually indistinguishable from each other. Itself Spaniard Clara Torres, who did a sensational photo Bushra, did not regret his actions. "I did what I had to do, - says the Spaniard to transfer the image to the Spanish police. - And I do not want to raise the false hope »

Lawyer Torres Segvimando Navarro said that together with his client was in police custody Wednesday night, where they officially announced that the photograph depicts not Madeleine. However, the final conclusion that Madeleine in Morocco is not detected, do early


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