Novelties alien surgery

For the first time, reported a few years ago, physician Madi Nolan. She treated patients on Whidbey Island (Washington, USA), when stumbled upon a whole group of adult men and women who - absolutely all! - Was the same form of subcutaneous implant on the inner side of the thigh just above the knee. They had the shape of the cylinder and small were so close to the surface of the skin, that at this point the skin is slightly inflamed and reddened.

Aliens among us

When the doctor rubbed the place gizmo under the skin began to decrease in size and disappear. And yet, these implants still remained under the skin at each of its people surveyed. "I realized - Madi wrote - that comes from the implant (or it is served) some signal tracking or something like that».

According to its surveys, each of these people remembered the same. While in the room, a man suddenly heard a loud noise - something like thunder (some claimed that they saw the light), and the next thing people realize - gone somewhere about two hours!
These factors suggest that in this case, not without the intervention of pilots or technological techniques UFOs.

Sin on the antics of terrestrial intelligence services much less reason, firstly, because of the inexplicable purpose of such control, and secondly, the very structure of the studied implants is clearly higher than the earth's technology.

Ufology decided to analyze the mysterious implants with the help of laser emission spectroscopy. This, in particular, are engaged Darrel Sims, surgeon Roger K. Leir and others.

D. Sims has created a new organization in the United States: Interactive Fund Research Space Technology (FIRST) to develop rules for such operations, microanalysis of the composition of matter implants and proper logging results.

It held dozens of operations and identified the elemental composition introduced mikroapparatov. Chemical analysis of the mysterious product is amazing. This is a whole factory of elements in the area of ​​maximum 4x5 mm! That is part of one of the implants, which has been shown in the scientific work of Dr. RG Leira: Al, Ca, Fe, Ba, Cu, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, Pb, Zn, Si, Ti ...

As pointed ufologists, it is very similar to the composition of our chips, which are used in computer technology. Maybe they have similar features? Track vestonahozhdenie people to monitor their physical condition, to carry out the necessary link ...

Or, it is possible to influence the way of thinking, the actions of the test, for example, in a hour "X"? .. After practice, we track some specimens of wildlife, birds, dolphins?

Here are the objectives of such control over people is completely incomprehensible ...


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