So after all, we are from Earth, or what?

Our genes are a kind of "branded products" created billions of years ago, somewhere in our galaxy. This view is shared by some scholars, among them Vladimir Shcherbakov from the National University of Al-Farabi Kazakh Maxim Macuco from the Institute of Astrophysics name Fesenkov.

They believe that in our genetic code contains a message that can not be deciphered if you stick to the theory of Darwinian evolution. If will be able to decrypt the message, then, according to the hypothesis, it will be possible to detect extraterrestrial life in a simpler way than in the transmission of radio signals into space.

Relatively new hypothesis is also called biological program search for extraterrestrial intelligence («biological SETI»), referring thus to an existing project to search for extraterrestrial intelligence - SETI.

"This code has been installed once and can not be changed for so many years. This is the long-term information from all known to us. And it is the stigma of an alien civilization in our genetic code confirms the presence of intelligent life besides us. If we rewrite the genome, the information will remain fixed until you change and can make a journey through time and space "- the authors report in the journal ideas Icarus.

Scientists have analyzed in detail the human genome and mapped. It reveals a distinct order of DNA nucleotides and amino acids. Simple and clear arrangement of the genetic code may indicate that this information is recorded on a certain language characters. In the code the decimal system, logical changes and abstract symbol of zero. Such a streamlined system - is the result of logical thinking and non-trivial estimates, scientists believe.

As a consequence of the analyzes and calculations, the researchers concluded that the code was written somewhere far outside our solar system many billions of years ago. And this, in turn, an argument in favor of panspermia - the hypothesis that life on Earth has been recorded from space.

Note that there is also an assumption that the universe as we see it, it's just a computer program created by some alien civilization. Under this program, the creators are also able to work on our genetic code, which is consistent with the assumption Shcherbakov Makukova.

It is worth mentioning that all the hypotheses about the possible "alien code" are part of the concept of creationism. And it is known, makes you wonder who created those who created us.


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