Mayor of New York did not notice the disappearance of half a million

Employees of Bank of America, whose client is the mayor, drew attention to the performance of operations, since it seemed to them suspicious. The payment by check was detained. We conducted an investigation, which resulted became aware of the fraud. Identity of the perpetrators found and after a while the two thieves were arrested.

It is not known how the attackers were able to obtain personal financial information Bloomberg. It is possible that to him somehow got one of the checks drawn mayor.

Odalis Bostich accused of trying to steal second degree. Yesterday, the Supreme Court of New York State 23-year-old swindler was released on bail of $ 10,000. He faces a sentence of providing up to seven years in prison. The next court hearing is scheduled for October 18.

Charles Nelson accused of stealing the personal information of the first degree. Now he is in custody. Also, he was charged with possession of weapons - during a search of his home found two pistols.

Recall that in November 2005, the incumbent mayor, Michael Bloomberg, retained his post, having won the election. Now his personal fortune is estimated at $ 11, 5 billion.

Prior to his political career, he worked on Wall Street and created an empire of business information, which includes news agency, radio and television, the Internet system and publishing group. With the support of retired Giuliani in 2001, he became mayor of New York. In the early years his rating dropped sharply due to the unpopular measures, including layoffs, tax increases and cuts in funding municipal services. Thus Bloomberg fought to lower the budget deficit, he, in the end, and succeeded.


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