Siberian macho

SIGNS MACHO: you know it!

Adopted think that macho - a Latin American type of broad-shouldered, often having problems with the police. Macho flaunt three-day stubble, let black hair down to his shoulders and go throughout the year with a naked torso.

Not comfort themselves in vain. Macho next! He was not necessarily born in Colombia and Paraguay. Siberian land is very fruitful on this type of guys. We found blond, red, bald and radical, but absolutely real macho. Very different complexion. Naked torso of a large part of the year is securely hidden under clothing and down jackets of termolayta. Still, you can always find it at the meeting - a steep Siberian macho.

The main thing that unites macho from São Paulo and Biysk - a fascinating charisma. Wherever he lived macho, he is always sure of himself. He never fussed and in no hurry. And the local macho no fuss and no hurry even more pronounced than their Brazilian counterparts hot.

Macho know - wait for it and without it will not start. Macho silent. And least of all his cares what others think about him.

He embodies the real life men's dreams. Those that are so rich in the consciousness of young men in puberty. Macho, of course, does not cry, does not reflect on the meaning of life, not vlyublinetsya and does not complain. But he changes women as gloves, willingly engaged in a fight, and despises any silly rules invented for men henpecked.

MAGIC MACHO: irresistible

Resist charm macho easy. Sometimes it is impossible. I have a friend from whom the famous charisma is palpable wave. Once on a night he danced a slow dance with a co-worker, has two children and an impeccable reputation. After the party it without hesitation went with him. Returning home in the morning and without explaining anything home, she collected the bag and sat down near the door, waiting for him to call. She did not hesitate to cast his former life, but, fortunately, not macho called her back. He forgot about poor with the first rays of dawn, and she came to life a few years.

Habitat: on any road, in any of the

Macho-Siberian prefers habitat with an abundance of other males, and the ability to demonstrate the power of the spirit and strength of muscles. He knows that he won the match, and wants to enjoy the taste of victory again and again. Generally our tough guys differ invincible Siberian health and serious training. They are not spoiled tropical climate and endless summer, they do not prey on the girls, hanging out at the beach, they are at least go into the forest in search of wood grouse and squirrels. Raft down the mountain rivers. Do not shy away from ice fishing. Great concentration of our heroes in the ski resorts on the "black" course tracks. In the summer, if you see a mad scooter, ripped open expanse of the Ob reservoir, you can be sure - he was behind the wheel.

The first meeting with the macho occurs in childhood. In third grade, I remember like now, I loved Losers Maxim, who walk around and smoke started around the same time. He was not greeted with the school principal, and never in my life did not utter the word "book". Image not let him go down to homework. For days on end he fought delightful, conquering new territory. But it was in Maxim something undoubtedly dominant. It made me sigh, blush and allow him to deduct. I even once dared to put his dirty hand love note. "Well, Cho?" - Asked me Maxim read coveted recognition. I did not know what to answer, but for a long time could not stop loving him.

Time is not instilled in me immune to the bad guys. And the first in my life, I fell in love with the workplace on the ears in one another, as in the classic supermacho terrible, although elderly accountant Marina warned me: "Hold on, my child, away from him." And he himself honest whisper told me: "Kid, if you only knew how many women I messed up life ..."

My he, fortunately, not so hopelessly spoiled, but obviously not decorated. Oh, supermacho ...

HOW TO RESIST: smile and wave

You're lucky if your mind is in control of your heart. And macho met on the way, you'll be able to smile and walk past.

If your colleague has appeared macho, we can assume that sooner or later it will interest you. If you're not ready for this type of novel, and he shows an aggressive interest to you, one thing remains - to be his friend. You can not ignore it pointedly - he will take it as a game of resistance and increase the onslaught.

Macho does not practice respect for girls. Therefore, the translation of courtship macho friendly rails require from you the presence of mind and breadth of vision. At a meeting pretend not to hear his compliments, rude, and in response to a keen interest in the health of the macho, his household, friends and dogs. Questioned him about the car, about the quality of the slopes Sheregesh, clarify whether it was true that "Honda" cool suspension? On occasion screw that Beckham - a clown, and Zidane - a man. Look into his eyes open, smile for real. Find where this guy button. And soon you will find that pesky harassment supersamtsa came to naught, but you have emerged a good friend.

Top 5 Reasons for which you rasstaneshsya macho

1 Macho generally easily parted. Over all, even with the money. Mainly because it all comes easily, including your love.

2 Never Never spends their leisure, causing visits to relatives. He is a supporter of the men's entertainment: from hunting and fishing to the races and kiting. You think he wants to do is your company?

3 Do you remember how it was spinning at the sight of your head? Macho - coveted prey not only for you. A war against women all over the earth will take you too much time and effort. And health.

4 Never puts a woman's beauty many orders of magnitude higher than the inside. Therefore, the presence of external imperfections, be sure - he will tell you they will do it regularly.

5 You have to forget a lot of words and phrases such as: "I want," "I do not want," "I think so!". Just because a macho does not hear them.


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