How to win physically stronger opponent?

The purpose of my trip was to meet BC overcoming fear of collision (both physical and mental). In the course of meetings and conversations even I found a number of problems, which never thought about, but that is, I felt them. It remains to overcome.
The first day of the exercise was conducted on the awareness of fear of the unknown and pain. Very powerful vibration sensation of fear, the rolling of the calf to the stomach. For me to overcome this barrier proved a major. For myself, I finally understood that fear is not the outer side (the bounce, the threat of surprise, suspense).
Fear is what's inside me, and only depends on me, he will win me or I use his power in order to become stronger. After this insight could not sleep and in a dream experienced battle tomorrow. OK to sleep until morning.
The surprise before the fight (although now I understand that the way it should have happened) was the state of calm and understanding what to do.
The opponent is physically stronger than me, in fact I wanted this. During the battle, no internal chatter, but only focus on feelings and intuition.

1. The feeling after the "circle»

Fear is localized - just below the navel + leg + crotch.
Given the tools to overcome fear. Exercise is very powerful. The second blow is much worse than the first. It is a pity that quickly ended - in my opinion - a powerful exercise. Fear shows and localized.
We can only work with it.

2. Before the battle.

Fear of death is worse than death itself. Fear rolled, sometimes crippling, but when you know that something will still be somehow easier. Hopelessness - problems still need to be solved. Fighting is still going. Fear comes in waves, and already want to quickly test the impact, stunning.

3. Fight

Unable to expand consciousness :(
The enemy is seen narrowly. But the fear mixed with excitement, "sports rage," I want to win. I got a couple of times in the face. A slight numbness - thought it would be much worse.
The second fight was "more fun." At some point, the fear disappeared. It was unconscious, just endured slaps and somehow not scared. The question of physical fitness.
Still a little fight!

4. After the fight

Not immediately, gradually, but there is euphoria - looseness, the world has become closer physical looseness, "the devil is not so terrible as ..." It seems that I want to fight more.

5. The whole day is almost babbling. It was possible to notice the chatter and interrupt it.

6. Massage gave some relief, let's see what will happen next. There was a long and passes a certain feeling of tranquility and relaxation + confidence. There were questions that I want to find answers, clarified tools.

Quite different feelings before and after the fight. After the experience of the fight began to feel less barriers, it was just freer. Think freely, speak freely, freer view. The body was somehow more relaxed, not trapped. There was a cough - says Vitaly, it goes the fear. For sure it is. Regarding the fear during the battle. After a brief pause to assess the partner, and then think about the first shock and awe once. Just another mind occupied. There are two objectives - to strike and to protect themselves from the impact. Thought is already included in the small respite. But over time, this fear became clearly felt somewhere in the abdomen, lower, realizing that you have forces decreases, and it is necessary to continue the fight. That is the fear of physical collision may be gone, but there was fear of failure. And you catch yourself thinking that in that that was necessary to continue the fight. Ever since I came to the battle and the fear itself and almost not felt, although I will not say that it was not. Manifestation it was just in a fight. And then: the feeling of some satisfaction, success, success is not something that I won, and successfully made the case. It is uplifting. And is this not a sign of freedom? He took a step toward freedom. And further. After the fight (but only right after the fight) less mental chatter, stop the internal dialogue is easier, it is released from the mental debris. But later, though not as much as right after the fight.
In general, the seminar is very practical. All that I learned here, it's something that helps in life, no empty theories. This acquisition experience, and it is through the experience and you can understand something. And more awareness. Everything was great, nature, communication. Good luck!
Sharanov Sergei Chelyabinsk.


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