How to save a life in a minibus?

Where to sit, to survive and get the least amount of injuries in the bus, said the first deputy commander of a separate battalion of traffic police of Kaluga Alexei Moskalenko.

Passenger door, not a friend
- If you got on the bus, sit in the right lane closest to the aisle - said Moskalenko. - The reason is that the counter-flow moves to the left, and then seated at the right are less likely to suffer. At the same time it is best to sit down with his back to the direction of travel. Here, too, everything is simple - when braking, if you sit facing forward, likely hurt himself his forehead or face.
- If you ride standing up - continues to Alexei O., - must hold on to the handrail. Do not carry all the weight on one leg and spread it into two. Arrange the legs shoulder-width apart.
- The most unreliable and dangerous place in the cabin - it is the doors and windows, - says Moskalenko. - They take off or split on impact. Therefore it is better to stand away from the door, and to determine in advance where you can fall in the event of an impact or sudden braking and how to avoid broken glass. All of the above, by the way, is also valid for travel in the bus.
Do not sit by the window
- Due to the small interior space taxi - is the most traumatic form of urban transport - said Moskalenko. - In addition, the drivers of "Gazelle" is often unnecessary risk, maneuvering in traffic. Because in any case do not sit in the bus, if you have to ride standing up.
- The safest place in the "Gazelle" - a seat in the center of the salon closer to the aisle - continues Alex O.. - The fact that the impact at the seated passengers at these locations more likely not to flatten each other. The most dangerous place in the minibus - the windows. First, when the passenger may crash pin and cut to glass fragments. Secondly, with seats arranged at the window, the most difficult to get out.

How to regroup
Imagine that you are traveling in the bus stand, refer to the windshield, you can see the car rushing at you and a few seconds before the accident have time to realize that accidents can not be avoided. What to do, how to lead, to minimize the damage to their health or even save their lives?
- When you hit a bus or trolley bus brakes - said Moskalenko. - So, your body is thrown forward. So turn around back to the cab, grab the vertical rail, back or seat handles and feet firmly rest against the floor. But do not forget to bend your legs. Once you feel the force of inertia, cushioning feet, it will soften the blow.
- If you're sitting in the accident, then firmly grasp hold of the seat in front of you, - he says in conclusion Moskalenko. - But be prepared that you can damage your wrist. However, you can save the body and head.
Prepared by Vladimir Ivkina.
Photo by Konstantin Ivanov.


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