Caucasian "industrialists"

In Chechnya enters its climactic stage musical project "Climbing stars", an analogue of the "American Idol." However, to call these TV shows can not be clones. Organizers had to find a balance between the Western format entertainment show and strict customs Caucasian. As a result of the direct inclusion of the house, where they live contestants had to be abandoned. Anyway, as from the extravagant dances. But all attention was riveted to the vocal abilities of children.

Music Competition "Climbing stars" kicked off in July and be completed by the beginning of November. 5 thousand. Bidders organizers selected 15 best. They are engaged in a vocal coach, choreographer, experts acting. Their new knowledge guys show off at the final concert, which is simply impossible to get tickets. Still, in a country such a competition is held for the first time. Here it is seen as the number one event: the fate of talented guys watching all the local youth.

On Saturday concerts participants sing a duet with pop stars in Chechnya. In the competitive repertoire guys for the most part old Chechen songs, reworked with a modern twist. "Every week we nominating Shootout one party - told" NO "the director of the production center Musa Sagayev. - Remain on the project are those for whom viewers have sent more SMS messages. However, outsiders still continue their education. But out of the fight for prizes - a car "Lada", computer and TV - they eliminated ».

To run the project on television in Grozny, the organizers had to smash his head. West format of entertainment shows that even in Moscow is considered to be too frank, it was necessary to adapt Caucasian mentality. So, long Chechens were forbidden to touch a girl or woman, even while dancing. Man, while dancing zadevshy woman could immediately forfeit his life, and man or a man who touches the bare hands of the girls - had to marry her. Currently kill for a touch, of course, would no longer be, but to marry or to pay a large sum of money - make. Because tradition obliges emphasize the organizers and participants not only to dance, but on vocal and artistic data members. Costumed stage show is also not satisfied. Clothing must comply Chechen mentality, no liberties are not allowed. The girl is prohibited to wear sweaters, opening the shoulders, or a skirt above the knee. As for the girls and for boys is undesirable dressing too tight clothes.

For young people in general are increased requirements. For example, the society condemned, if the guy with the girl stand on a date close to each other or if the Chechen man smokes in front of adults. About smoking cigarettes as a girl and can be no question. And even more so nobody let her daughter live in the company of young men, and even at gunpoint cameras. Therefore, from the live broadcasts of the bedrooms and classrooms had to be abandoned.

But after such adjustments show no objections nor the younger or the older generation. "I do not mind that we have carried out such contests - explained" NO "mother of one of the participants Zara Musaeva. - If a boy or a girl sings well, it's great that they will be able to show people their skills. I let my daughter with a light heart, as to pre-verify that nothing contrary to our adat was not happening. And if everything is in order, I think, do not bury the talent in the ground. "


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