Pearls taxi drivers mashrutnogo

The driver was not an octopus, all at once the surrender can not give.
Warns of stopping ahead and scream as if you are her 5 minutes ago passed!
The crew of a flight attendant is required. Intimacy does not offer!
Speak louder - a deaf driver!
Citizens! Do not slam the door much, it can fall off and drop you on your feet.
The door closes soul, not the soul!
He lit himself - Treat the driver.
In an accident with a hammer to break the glass. Hammer carry.
Stop yelling in advance and clearly. The driver glushnyak.
Who slams the door, that will be of benefit recipients ...
Please driver in the mirror faces not pose.
Complaints - in the next car.
Driver Do not touch!
This is not the Beeline - all incoming pay.
10 minutes of fear and you are at home. The cost of the ride 7 rubles.
Please seeds, nuts and bananas to eat with the peel.
Hush say - then you go!
The inscription on the door: The door is not fucking.
On the outside of the door: All incoming - for free!
On the door inside: Shut it, the door of your refrigerator.
For a small change to the driver did not ask. Multiply each other.
On the rear window: This ass is worth the money!
Do not slam the door - the driver scared!
Stop somewhere here is somewhere out there.
Stop talking loudly in advance and the driver deaf and he needs time to put the prosthesis on the brake.
The cabin is not running.
Smart people do not slam the door!
Do you want to live - do not distract the driver.
Anecdote to this topic:
 - Stop near that green UAZ!
 - UAZ zooms out, catch up?


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