English sources are blatantly lie

In room 13, the newspaper "Duel" in the "Information and reflections" published an article about Boris Zaitsev hiking three Britons to the "pole of inaccessibility" in Antarctica. I myself had to take part in the sledge-caterpillar traverse in central Antarctica and spend the winter at the polar station "Vostok", which recorded the lowest on the planet temperature. So I have a great understanding of the climatic conditions in the "pole of inaccessibility" and the surrounding plateau. Since this geographical point is at a higher altitude than the station "Vostok" and further removed from the ocean, then it observed even lower temperatures and less oxygen.

Approval of the English that they are in one of the summer were able to walk to the most remote point of the planet and come back no more than fiction.

In the 1960s of the last century in the Soviet Union addressed the issue of construction in the "pole of inaccessibility" polar station, but the idea had to be abandoned, since none of the sledge-caterpillar traverse loaded with construction materials and fuel, I could not get to this point for one year period.

From the article, it follows that the British have been 1032 miles for a period of months (travel times and its exact duration, unfortunately, are not specified). British Land is 1609 miles, 34 m. So, hikers have been about 1665 km. The maximum time for their path could make no more than 60 days. It turns out that the valiant English travelers were on average 25-30 km per day.

Please note that in the initial stage of the journey had to climb up on a plateau along the continental slope where the speed was much lower than on a flat plateau, and they could only move around in those days, when there were blizzards. Considering these factors, it turns out: the British were walking in the day about 35 km along the world's most severe ice conditions in the desert of oxygen deficiency and dragged behind a sledge with food and tents!

Since I myself had a lot of walking on the central Antarctica, I can say that this is impossible. Traction kites they could be used only when driving on the way back on the continental slope, as is the strong katabatic winds blow from the plateau down to the ocean. When lifting up the winds are a major obstacle. Therefore, there are two possibilities of the events:

1) English traveler had never been to the "pole of inaccessibility" and close to him did not fit, and their whole campaign is a falsification. They could use the old photos taken there by Soviet researchers, and with the help of photomontage to give them a contemporary look.

2) Going back and forth carried tracked tractor that pulled for a sled loaded with barrels of diesel fuel, which is used as fuel for the tractor.

The appearance in the world press of such information proves once again that the international media has become a powerful factor of deception and brainwashing the population. People who believed in such statements, and believe in fairy tales, that countries such as Iran, Venezuela and North Korea preparing nuclear missile attack on the free world, and the like.

AS Lazarev


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