9 incidents that make the Earth a hell of a mysterious place

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Sometimes in the world of inexplicable things, disturbing the minds of laymen and scientists. Millions of people are ready to give much to get an answer about the nature of these incidents.

Site a 9 mysteries of history, many of which will never be solved.

The Signal "Wow!"

The Signal "Wow!"or in the official translation of "hoo!"radio signal recorded in 1977 Jerry Ayman (Jerry R. Ehman) in the framework of the SETI project (the General name of projects to search for extraterrestrial intelligence).

The scientist circled the marks in red pencil and the next wrote "Wоw!"— so he was amazed at how accurately the characteristics of the signal coincides with the expected theoretical characteristics of a signal from extraterrestrial civilizations.

Unfortunately, the alarm did not recur. Astronomers think it could be hydrogen around comet nuclei 266P/Christensen and P/2008 Y2. However, this version remains to be tested.

Sources: national geographic, space, bigear

Crop circles

A variety of shapes, formed of flattened plants in fields, is another mystery of history. The images created perfectly smooth and can be a whole icon. There are about 9,000 reports of circles, 90 % are from England.

In 1991 the British Dave Chorley (Chorley Dave) and Doug Bauer (Doug Bower) admitted that they created hundreds of circles using ropes and sticks. Now they have a lot of followers. Seemingly mystery solved, but what about the fact that crop circles appeared in the nineteenth century? For example, the first official mention of them is English brochure 1678 "Devil-mower".

There is a version that the figures are small vortices that crush plants. Such vortices are often found in the hilly regions of the UK.

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The missing crew of the ship "Mary Celeste"

In 1872, 400 miles from Gibraltar was found on a sailing ship, on Board of which there was not a single person. Things, food and water supplies were not touched.

According the hypothesis, the cause of the tragedy was a leak in the barrels with alcohol. Alcohol pair exploded in the confined space of the holds. The captain, fearing another explosion, ordered the crew to temporarily change seats in the boat and sail to a safe distance, maintaining communication with the ship by a cable. The descent of the boat and leaving the vessel, apparently, happened in a panic situation. When everyone boarded the boat, changing the wind filled the sails of the Brigantine, that quickly gathered momentum, and overloaded with boat people remained in place (linking it with the Brigantine the cable snapped). The storm sank the boat with all the people.

Sources: @ smithsonianmag, maryceleste, skeptoid

The disappearance of the Roanoke colony

When Queen Elizabeth I was founded one of the first permanent English settlements in North America colony of Roanoke. It was about 90 men, 17 women and 11 children.

The colony had disappeared, leaving only carved on a tree the word "Croatoan" — the name of one of the tribes of Indians inhabiting those places.

According to the most logical hypothesis is that the colonists became acquainted with the natives, which are much better know how to forage and survive in the wild. So the settlers decided to join Croatoan. According to other versions, the colonists captured native tribes or Spaniards.

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The fall of the Tunguska meteorite

On 30 June 1908 over Central Siberia flying fiery body. His flight was observed in many settlements, was heard thundering sounds. Then it blew up: the force of the explosion was such that the blast wave was recorded observatories around the world. Were fallen trees on the territory of more than 2 000 sq km, shattered Windows in houses within a few hundred kilometers from the epicenter.

Still three days before the events in Europe and Siberia observed an unusual atmospheric phenomena: noctilucent clouds, bright twilight. But neither expedition found no remnants of the meteorite.

According to the basic hypothesis, Earth collided with an icy meteorite or a comet, which consisted of ice and destroyed in the atmosphere. There is an interesting version that it was an experiment of Tesla with wireless transmission of electricity.

Sources: tunguska, science.nasa, tunguska

The strange story of Michael Botrytis

In 2013, 61-year-old Florida resident Michael Boatwright (Michael Boatwright) was found unconscious. His documents confirmed his identity, but when he woke up, he did not recognize himself in the mirror, spoke Swedish, and considered himself a Swede named Johan Ek. He lost his memory and forgotten how to speak English.

Not all believed Boutriau, he tried to catch on English, but he never pierced. Is to say, he previously knew little Swedish, but after the amnesia began to speak very clear.

Probably the state of Botrytis — an example of a dissociative Fugue — sickness, when the man suddenly forgets all the information about yourself up to name. These patients can move to another place, to come up with a new name and a biography and do not know that they are sick. The cause is usually trauma. The Fugue is of a protective nature, because it gives the patient the opportunity to escape from their problems. But as Michael learned Swedish?

Sources: desertsun, usatoday, dailymail

Washington carousel

It is considered the most well-documented case of UFO sightings. July 19th, 1952 radar at Washington airport spotted a group of 7 randomly flying objects. They moved with a speed of 2,000 km/h. the leadership of the country were sent to intercept the fighters. Noticing their approach, the UFO disappeared, but soon returned again.

Could the incident be a hoax by the U.S. government or an invasion of aircraft of other States, is still not known. What was it, still can't say nor scientists, nor military.

Sources: fold3, saturdaynightuforia, bibliotecapleyades

Find the patomsky crater

The crater was discovered in Siberia in 1949. The local people call it "the nest of a fiery eagle". In size and appearance it is similar to a lunar crater from a meteorite impact, his height — about 40 m.

Currently, the meteor hypothesis is not supported by research. Probably, the crater is of volcanic origin, but traces of lava was not detected.

Sources: elementy, nsc, amusingplanet

Mystery death of Dyatlov's group

One of the most mysterious and talked-about cases in history. It occurred in the winter of 1959 in the Soviet Union, on the pass, later named in honor of Dyatlov, the head of the deceased group.

For some unknown reason during the night at the hillside group, consisting of experienced tourists cut the tent from inside and quickly left her. People went without warm clothes and shoes down the slope at 1500 m, where he died. A few people from the group had a serious injury.

There are many hypotheses: the meltdown, a domestic quarrel, testing secret weapons, the problems with the local population and even the participation of the KGB. None of them is consistent with the evidence.

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