Kisses (20 pics + text)

According to scientific studies, frequent kisses normalize cardiovascular activity, lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood and generally "improve the quality of life" of man.

Kiss is a significant increase heart rate (up to 110-120 beats per minute for men and 180 women). And this leads to improved circulation, pumping additional liters of blood. The cells thus obtained an additional quantity of oxygen, and the vitality increased.

During a kiss slows down the process of allocating some very harmful chemicals, which is very positive effect on the entire body.

Those who often kiss, much less likely to suffer from blood diseases, stomach and gallbladder.

Kiss slows the atherosclerotic process, prevents dystonia and circulatory disorders.

With a long kiss, you can get rid of the hiccups.

Holding your breath with a kiss can be very beneficial effects on the body, like breathing technique recreational yogis.


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