Atraktsion in a Chinese zoo

The Chinese zoo Badaltearing Safari Park has a tradition of December 31 they are, along with the animals, go to the bath, there is an attraction.

Employees park throws goat enclosure with the lions, and then what happens is that it should happen. The only thing is that this is not an indoor attraction, that is present there, and children and pregnant women, and worst of Western tourists, some of whom are supporters of all the animal movement.

There's chicken on bamboo skewer as bait for the lions, and these sticks can be put out directly from the specially equipped buses for visitors. sobachatiny fed in the restaurant, and, supposedly, you can be baited for lions, wearing the skin of a goat. But I'm not sure because I translated the article, but the English do not know. So I do not blame me.

According to the newspaper Daily Mail, the Zoo & quot; ... is in many ways a typical Chinese zoo. Besides the newspaper presses of the fact that, this year's Beijing Olympics and takes the image of the country is very concerned about the Chinese government. But while there are still kinks in the field, according to the photo.

In short, I do not know which is better: whether to show all the wildlife without embellishment, whether general ban zoos. Especially Chinese.

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