Best animal pictures per week

A selection of photos of animals, made last week in different zoos of the world.

Vёt pigeon nest in Lexington, Kentucky, April 14.

Female okapi licks her cub at the zoo in Berlin, April 12.

Gorilla holding her newborn cubs in the Natural Zoological Park Cabarceno in Cantabria, Spain, April 16.

Emu chicks walk in his cage in the zoo of Berlin, Germany, April 16.

The dog is standing on a dam in Jakarta, Indonesia, April 16.

Cub giraffe named Tama goes to his cage in the zoo of Hamburg, Germany, April 16.

Duckling trying to jump out of the basket on a farm in Zhangzhou, China, April 14.

Kangaroo with a cub in a bag rides on his cage in a zoo in Warsaw, Poland, April 15

Zoo workers weighed seal in Rostock, Germany, April 15.

Bumblebee flies over crocuses in Hamburg, Germany, April 15.

The owner treats his dog sausage on a picnic in Butzbach, Germany, April 14.

Toad jumps in the park in Prague with her cub on his back.

Cynomolgus bask in the rain at the Taipei zoo in Taiwan, April 14.

Bactrian camel chews the treat at the zoo "Opel-Zoo" in Kronberg, Germany, April 14.

Dogs sniff each other at an exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam, April 14.

Robin sits on old tires on the outskirts of Minsk, Belarus, April 13.

Squirrel looks out of the hollow in the botanical garden in Geneva, Switzerland, April 13.

Maremma Sheepdog guarding a flock of sheep from coyotes and other predators on the farm in Ghent, New York, April 12.

A two Sumatran tigers cub playing with her mother in the San Francisco Zoo, California, on April 12.

Worker Service Animal Control carries a pig in your car in Greensboro, North Carolina, April 11.

Cub Bactrian camel walks on his cage in a zoo in Rome, April 10

Panda eating bamboo in his cage at the zoo "Edinburgh" in Glasgow, Scotland, April 10.


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